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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing

Hello and welcome to 4JD's English page. Here, we will celebrate the amazing work we have produced at home and in school. 

Tuesday 9th June

Over the past few weeks, I have been inundated with some amazing examples of your writing. Some of you have been trying so hard and responding well to my feedback. I am one proud teacher!

Tuesday 2nd June

Arthur has just finished off his conversational poem. I am so impressed with this, Arthur! He has stuck to the conventions of conversational poetry, punctuated direct speech correctly and used commas after fronted adverbials. Keep it up!

Wednesday 20th May

Today, Sam has finished his conversational poetry. This reads just like a Michael Rosen poem and most of the direct speech is punctuated perfectly. Keep it up, Sam!

Meanwhile, Arthur has completed this incredible fact sheet about the lion's mane jelly fish! Keep up the good work, Arthur. 


Last, but not least, Niah has re-written her play as a story. Keep up the great work everyone!


Monday 18th May

Isaac is back at it again, this time with a wonderful script. I love how he has included some emotions in brackets before the speech, so that it is easier to read. Keep it up, Isaac! 

Friday 15th May

Niah has been working very hard on her script this week. I am particularly impressed with her spellings of contractions and apostrophes. Keep up the good work, Niah!

Thursday 14th May

Recently, Isaac has adopted a gorilla. Don't worry! This isn't in his garden, but being looked after in Rwanda, Africa. Isaac was so inspired by this, he chose to write about this issue in this factfile. This is both entertaining and informative. Well done, Isaac!

Sam has also created a great report, this time about bald eagles! Again, this is very informative and I'm particularly impressed by Sam's use of punctuation. Clearly, you've been trying really hard at English IXL, Sam!

Monday 11th May

This morning, Clara fancied a bit of writing. Again, she has proved herself to have an amazing imagination and has included proprositional phrases, fronted adverbials and direct speech. Well done, Clara!

Wednesday 6th May

Harry has produced this wonderful plan for his twisted fairytale! Keep it up, Harry.


Wednesday 6th May

In school, we're a little behind everyone at home in the writing, as we only have the mornings to complete everything. Having said that, Freddie has done such a good job with his story. What clear writing!

Friday 1st May

Aliyah loved writing her instructions, but didn't stop there. With the help of her sister, she has made this wonderful video. Well done, Aliyah!




In other news, Niah has also been working hard on her instructions. Keep up the good work, Niah!

Thursday 30th April

I have received lots of great examples of childrens' writing, including Ben and Sam. Both of them have used imperative verbs and have consistently added commas after fronted adverbials. Keep up the good work!


Wednesday 29th April

Arthur has been working so hard on this piece of writing. He is writing commas after every fronted adverbial and including lots of expanded noun phrases. I am so impressed, Arthur!

Monday 27th April

Josh has written this absolutely incredibly story! He has written in paragraphs, used the power of three and really challenged himself to include high-quality vocabulary. Keep it up Josh!


Niah has been working extremely hard on her story too, adapting it to include a recent experience she had with some crows. She has included a range of sentences and it is peppered with some lovely fronted adverbials. Keep it up, Niah!

Friday 24th April

Isaac's story is coming on nicely. How is everyone else getting on? Remember to use the success criteria!


Wednesday 22nd April

Harry has been working hard on his writing plan! I particularly like the amount of detail he has included - this will come in very useful when he comes to write. 

Tuesday 21st April

Clara has been busy learning this week's new spellings - great work, Clara!



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