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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing



Sam and Sophia H have planned their adverts for medieval punishment instruments (10HP).

Have you? 



Check out Cerys' and Lotte's adverts!  Looking fab girls 10HP 


Here is Stanley's Advert...anyone want to buy pillories? Anyone?... Anyone...? 10HP



Ella has been super busy again! 


Lotte worked hard to edit and improve her adverts from Tuesday's writing activity!

Sam has had a go at persuading people to join in with Joe Wicks every morning - will this advert get you up and moving? At 9am?! Well done Sam, 10HP


Sophia H has been busy with her writing! Some fabulous advert reflections and some persuasive writing of her own. 10HP


Lilly Mai is trying to persuade us to have chocolate brownies! 



Stanley decided to get creative with his adverts and used powerpoint! I think they look FAB! Well done! 20HP


Here is Lotte's advert. She has used a great rhetorical question as an opener - that will definitely hook the reader in! 20HP 


Ella has been soooooo busy completing her work today! I am really impressed with how much effort she has put in - check out her self assessment of the writing success criteria! 30HP Ella! You go girl! 


Sam is super proud of his writing work this morning. He has been thinking about persuasive language used in adverts! Keep an eye out for adverts on the TV today, can you spot any persuasive language? 


I think Stanley really enjoyed looking at the adverts today! Look how much he has written! 20HP