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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing

Check out Mollie's poem about truth. I loved the last three lines - very powerful.


I have really enjoyed reading your animal poetry this week, such great use of metaphors and other types of figurative language. It is wonderful how different all of these are but each has their own brilliant use of description to create and describe their creature. 


       Edie                                                 Mollie                                  George                     Alfie B


Here is another piece from Alfie B for the time capsule. I love this letter to himself and I really like the honesty and openness in his writing. Wonderful job Alfie!


You have all been writing pieces to go in to a time capsule. Some of you have found the diary entry task quite tricky as it feels like you are often doing the same tasks each day. Take a look at Alfie B's diary entry. I love how he was reflecting on discussions he had had with friends about being away from school before the lockdown. I also loved his thoughts as he looked and saw the empty streets from his garden. A lot of the differences in our lives are quite subtle and we feel used to them now. Maybe try again on a day where you notice the changes more. This can be in a good way such as doing more activities with your family or having a Zoom chat with a relative; or it could be that you have a day where you feel strange or sad about the things you miss. 



Alfie B has done some wonderful writing to discuss whether or not uniforms should be worn. I think he makes some very persuasive arguments in this piece. 


Here is another wonderful piece of Soar writing from Edie - well done Edie. I loved the alternative ending!                          


Great work Mollie! Isn't it great how different these play scripts are. You can see how one story can have many interpretations.


This week you were asked to write a playscript  for a part of the film, soar, and a new film ending. You had to imagine you were writing dialogue for actors to perform and explore an alternative ending! Check out Alfie B's alternative ending and Elara's and Clara's playscripts below! Have also snuck in a lovely couple of poems that Alfie B and Clara have written.



Lovely poems from Elara, Edie, Mollie and George! There are some very talented poets in 6BP!




Eddie's poem really paints an image in my mind. Good use of similes and personification!

Lovely sciencey 100 word challenge from Mollie. Wildlife has a lot of benefits for us that many of us do not realise. I have often thought it would be interesting if animals could talk to know what they'd say - I agree they'd probably think we are ungrateful. Well done for researching this so it's accurate, scientists study animals so we are educated on their importance and also how to look after them.

Edie has sent in an interesting and thought provoking poem. In the UK, we can vote from the age of 18, but should it be different? This would be a great debate. Lovely use of rhyme too - well done.

Well done to Eva for her poem, which repeats the same 10 words. I love the subjects you've all picked to write about - they are very bizarre!

Fantastic lock down poem from Alfie B - I think your it reflects how a lot of children are feeling in lockdown at the moment, including about missing school - who'd have thought it a few weeks back...

What great poems from Edie and Elara too! These are so much fun to read.

Mollie has sent in a fantastic poem, which uses the same 10 words repeatedly throughout, after taking inspiration from Wendy Cope's The Uncertainty of the Poet - the only difference is that Mollie's is about a pig rolling in mud. Check it out below.

Elara has some great figurative language in her poem - well done!

Great poetry from Emily, made me laugh to read in places.


Alfie has done a great job of using speech to advance the action in his story. The conversation feels really natural too.

Check out Edie's writing challenge below - fantastic work. I particularly like the verb charring.

Edie's A Dangerous Pet

Wonderful work here from Clara... keep them coming in!

Lovely work from Ava. Her story has a steady pace and the speech advances the action.

Some fantastic 100 word challenges below from Emily, Mollie, Alfie B and Elara! 


Herbie decided to take his a step further and do a 400 word challenge called Music Boy, well 477 words to be precise - great work :)