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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing

Here is Heidi's lockdown diary - very thoughtful!

Check out Dominic's lockdown reflection journal - I love the informal style and parenthesis!

Have a look at part of Bea's lockdown reflection diary, great stuff!

Check out Lexi's comic strip - I love the illustrations!

Check out Dominic's narrative based on Matilda!

Have a look at Tiffany's great report on Lionel Messi!

Check out Arthur's report on Mbappe - he even made it into a narrated presentation! Amazing!

Can you pass Dominic's grammar quiz?

Check out Lexi's formal report on Katy Piper!

Have a look at Dominic's formal report about Eden Hazard!

Here is Dominic's plan for his Viking narrative - it sounds like it will be an interesting read!

Now for the story...

Have a look at Edward's instructions on how to give good customer service - great stuff!

Check out Dominic's instructions on how to bake cookies. Mmm, now I'm hungry!

Have a look at Dominic's playscript with a twist on Little Red Riding Hood - I love the use of parenthesis for stage directions!

Check out some of the Writing that Elizabeth has been doing, great stuff!



Have a look at Dominic's success criteria for a playscript - he's thought really hard about what he needs to include!

Check out Arthur's fantastic news report on trophy hunting!

Take a look at Kuba's descriptive paragraph - excellent!

Check out Edward's narrative in the style of 'Daydreamer'. What creative ideas, and great typing skills too!

Here is Dominic's plan for a narrative in the style of 'Daydreamer'. It looks like it will be an interesting read!

And here is Dominic's fantastic beginning to his story...

And the middle... Wow! He's build so much tension, I can't wait to read the rest!

And now for the much-anticipated ending...

Have a look at Arthur's description, 'The Enchanted Garden'!

Here is Dominic's description, 'The Secret Sorcerer'!

Check out Lexi's mystical story, 'The Enchanted Lake'!



Dominic has been working hard on his description skills! Have a read of 'The Freeing Forest' and 'The Troll Tales'!


Here is Arthur's amazing setting description. Great word processing skills too!

Check out Dominic's diary entry about his life in lockdown. What a great informal tone, well done! This one is from his perspective...

Now have a look at the entry he wrote from his mum's perspective - you can see how the tone has changed slightly here, which is amazing!

And here is Dominic's diary from the perspective of his dad - excellent!

Wow! Tilly's acrostic poem about Coronavirus and her concrete poem about bees blew me away. Check it out below!

Here are Dominic's acrostic, haiku, emotion, cinquain and concrete poems about sleep and calmness, wonderful! 20 HP!

Wow! Look at Ruby's information leaflet on Coronavirus. 20 HP!

Here is Kuba's Coronavirus safety poster. I love the way he planned, drafted and edited it. 20 HP!

Check out Arthur's persuasive letter to Mr. Jolley.  I love the use of adverbials for cohesion, 20 HP!



Have a look at Lucas' Coronavirus safety leaflet, very informative and great, eye-catching bubble writing. 20 HP!


Here is Dominic's Coronavirus safety poster - I love the bold colours, it really draws the reader in! 20 HP!

Have a look at Corey's Coronavirus safety poster - I love the eye-catching title. 20 HP!


Check out this funny video entry from Nieve's script writing task! What an amazing clear speaking voice - fantastic! 50 HP! Great hearing from you, Nieve!



Here is Elizabeth's diary for the week from the point of view of her cat. Great work! 20 HP for each!

Some great writing from Lexi - 20 HP!