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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing

Thursday 9 July

Ela is proud of her writing - with a bit of added maths.


Monday 6 July

Rares has also sent in his writing and maths.

Friday 3 July

Rares completed his writing by editing his spellings and doing even more maths.


Andrei has made an English quiz for you all.

Thursday 2 July

Rares has also been writing.


Tuesday 30 June

Sonny did a writing report on Michael Jordan.


Rares has completed maths and writing today.

Friday 26 June

Sophie was proud of the report she wrote in school.

Buddy has been working hard and created his report on the computer.



Friday 19 June

Rares has been busy with his writing and maths as usual, but has also sent in his geography score and DT game he made.


Thursday 18 June

Rares has completed his maths and writing.


Monday 15 June

Rares has sent in his writing and maths again.


Thursday 11 June

Rares has also completed his maths and writing as usual.


Rares is still producing maths and writng each day.


Monday 8 June

Rares has sent in some work too.


Jasper's writing.


  Thursday 4 June

Here is some maths and writing from Rares.


Wednesday 3 June

Jasper send in a video news broadcast from last week and writing from this week.




And Rares has been writing too.


Nastia has sent her maths, science and writing.  


Tuesday 2 June

Hope's maths from yesterday and newspaper report from before half term.


Friday 22 May

Ela's news report.



Buddy has sent in a (less formal - cheeky) news report.


Tuesday 19 May

Jasper has completed his newspaper report.


Monday 18 May

Little did you know that whilst we've all been staying at home, Splashpoint has been VERY busy indeed! Check out our reporter Elliot's scoop on the goings on down at the swimming pool.

Jasper has sent in writing.


Friday 15 May

And Rares has been writing too.

Thursday 14 May

Writing from Angela, Hope and Nastia.


Tuesday 12 May

Rares has completed his writing and science.


Wednesday 6 May

Rares has been busy, here is his writing.



Tuesday 5 May

Buddy has sent in his writing.


Nastia has also sent in her writing.

Monday 4 May

Nastia has had a busy morning - writing.


Friday 1 may

Jasper has been writing his diary.


Thursday 30 April

Rares has completed his diary.

  ​​​​ ​​​​

Tuesday 28 April

Hope has completed her diary entry.

Jasper also sent in work, not just his dog! His diary (inspired by the dog).


Rares' writing.


Angela has been writing.

Monday 27 April

Jasper's diary and poem.


Nastia has finished her week's writing in a morning!


Andrei's poem.



Friday 24 April

Rares' poem.



And one from Jasper.



Tommy sent in a concrete poem.


Andrei has sent his daily poem video.



Here is some work from Tommy - a football poem (surprise!)

And Rares has sent in a great story.



Wednesday 22 April

Andrei has sent in his latest poem video.



Buddy has been completing his poetry.



Videos from Ela, Sara and Andrei reading their poems.







Aaron has sent in his poem

Monday 20 April

I will start with Jasper's poems.


Sara has written and performed a Haiku about Corona!



Elisha has also completed her computing work and has a poem about school teachers!


Nastia has been writing poetry.

Jasper has been working hard over the home learning period, but just not sending in his work - here is a selection of his work.




MONDAY 30 March

Nastia's letter

FRIDAY 27 March

A first entry from Sonny to the class pages - great work.

Sophie has sent a picture of her poster.

Sara has also created a poster.

Nastia has completed her writing task.

Aaron has done a poster.

Elisha has written a full story to share with you all.


Thursday 26 March

Aaron has gone crazy for his spellings - and completed his writing task too.


Angela has also been practising spellings, along with writing loads!




Willow and Oscar have recorded their story openings.






Nastia has sent in her story opening.

Sara has been practising her spellings.