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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Friday 3 July

Aaron has added to the art collection and completed his geography quiz.


Thursday 2 July

Tommy and Andrei did the geography crossword.


MonDay 22 June

Buddy took his geography quiz last week.

Friday 19 June

Rares has been busy with his writing and maths as usual, but has also sent in his geography score and DT game he made.


Tommy has also taken the geography test.

Thursday 18 June

Aaron and Andrei are brilliant at geography.


Wednesday 3 June

Ela has finished a book and passed a quiz. Don't forget the geography - 1st so far!

Wednesday 20 May

Sara has completed her geography quizzes - top marks! 

Friday 15 May

Angela has been doing geography today.



Wednesday 6 May

Rares has been busy, here is his geography.  


Andrei has sent his geography.

Aaron and Nastia have completed their geography. 


Friday 1 may

Jasper's geography.


Thursday 30 April

Rares has completed his geography.


Wednesday 29 April

Aaron has completed his geography.


Monday 27 April

Jasper's geography from last week.



Tommy has sent in evidence of his biome success.


Sara is showing off her biome knowledge.


Aaron has been completing the geography map challenge.