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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Welcome to Geography at Chesswood

To explore the Chesswood Geography Curriculum content; see examples of all the great learning that goes on and to access knowledge organisers, please use the menu options. 

Geography is not only about exploring the world and all its wonders. 

"It is the integrated study of the complex reciprocal relationships between human societies and the physical, chemical and biological components of the Earth.  Geographers study place, space and time, recognising the great differences and dynamics in cultures, political systems, economies, landscapes and environments across the world, and the links between them." (The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education)

 At Chesswood, we want pupils to experience a real and relevant curriculum where pupils gain knowledge that helps them to understand how features and processes have shaped how we live and see things today.


It's currently an exciting time for Geography at Chesswood, as under the leadership of Mrs Hamilton and Miss Philips, we are creating a bespoke curriculum that inspires the children to think about Geography in a real world context.  We have structured our curriculum to help create informed and active future citizens with an understanding of how their lives are connected to others, are both shaped by, and affect the environments they inhabit, so that they are able to make responsible choices for the future.  This is why are key concepts for Geography are sense of place, interconnection and sustainabilityAspirations is also important to demonstrate the many jobs that use the knowledge and skills gained through the study of the subject.