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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Governor Portfolio Selection

All governors are requested to complete this annually (in response to a request) to ensure the Chair and area lead governors are able to align,

  • individual interest; knowledge, skills and expertise 
  • with
  • accountability aspects including statutory compliance.

By completing this form the Chair of Governors in conjunction with the area leads will use this important information to allocate portfolios to each individual governor. We always seek to allocate in line with both interest and skills, knowledge and expertise, however this must be balanced with ensuring we are able to effectively plan and implement effective strategic direction within all areas of responsibility. In addition, we must ensure we are compliant with statutory guidance and aligned with best practice. On that basis, whilst we seek to allocate to individual preferences there may be occasion that is superseded by need.

Please complete the form below or follow this LINK if using a small device such as a phone