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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Healthy Snacks and Refreshments


All children are encouraged to have a plastic water bottle available on their desks at all times and may drink from it as they see fit. Occasionally this policy, at the teachers discretion and judgement, may need to be suspended for individual lessons where the risk of incident is increased e.g. practical science or art. Furthermore, individual child restrictions may be put in place, if in the class teacher's opinion

  • they are reckless, spilling or squirting water onto their or others work 
  • they disturb themselves or others (including the teacher) when drinking water - slurping loudly is a favourite
  •  the water bottle becomes a fiddle toy - keep dropping it, tipping it over or rolling it across the desk;

Typically, the restrictions will be for individual children in individual lessons, but may be extended should learning and teaching continue to be compromised. Whilst we are big fans of children drinking water in lessons we are bigger fans of well-ordered purposeful classrooms that enable children to be the best they can be. If water restrictions are in place children are able to consume sufficient water at break and lunchtime therefore their health is not compromised but it will not optimised.

The policy consistently covers every class but teachers must make their own professional judgement on individual restrictions to ensure the learning environment remains calm and purposeful. Teachers are not permitted to have blanket bans or extended arrangements for more than 1-2 days without permission of senior leaders.


Healthy Snack - Break time

Children are encouraged to have a healthy snack to eat during their break. Our role as a school is to support children develop healthy habits, so they continue these into adult life, reducing risk of diabetes, rotting teeth and obesity...

The majority of families recognise this and want to work in partnership with us to ensure their children can be a healthy as possible as they grow - but not all. As such, we have created the poster below to support all families keep their children healthy.

NO NUTS please at any time

children may be allergic and require emergency medical treatment.