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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Check out Lexi's informative factfile on Ancient Greece!

Take a look at Edward's fantastic newspaper report as if he was a reporter in 1832!

Check out Ruby's research on a Mayan God, amazing!

Here is Kuba's fantastic research on a Mayan God!

Wow! Look at this amazing drawing of Chac from Arthur, phenomenal! 20 HP!

Edward has found some facts on the Mayan God Chac. Great typing skills too! 20 HP!

Ruby has been making her way through of booklet about Ancient Greece, and look at the fantastic work she has produced! 20 HP for Ruby!

Here is Edward's fact file on Ancient Greece. I love the extra bit of research he was doing using a book! 20 HP, well done!

Check out Dominic's fact file about an Ancient Greek slave, amazing! 20 HP!

And here is Lucas' Ancient Greek pottery design, well done! 20 HP!