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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Induction 2020 (Archive)

Hello Year 2 children and parents! 

We know joining junior school is a big change, and a time that can create both excitement and worry - this worry has no doubt been amplified with all the uncertainty around at the moment and unusual circumstances surrounding school.  We have spoken with your infant school and will provide you with the best possible transition in the circumstances.  Things will be a bit different to normal:

Transition arrangements:

  • A video tour from two current year 3 children is available (scroll down to find it).  You can also find two frequently asked question documents, which will help alleviate concerns you may have (see the bottom of this page).
  • Friday 26th June - Induction letter sent to parents and welcome booklet sent to each child via email where possible. Included in this will be some useful information about life at Chesswood and confirmation of your child’s class teacher for September.

On Wednesday 1st July:

  • Each class page will become live to the public from 9am.  You will be signposted to these pages on this page.  Don't panic if you can't get to the pages straight away - they will remain open permanently from now.
  • When children visit the class page, they will be able to watch a welcome video from their new teacher and teaching assistant (where possible).  They will be able to see photos and watch clips of their classroom and be shown where they should go on their first day in September.  There will also be suggested tasks to help prepare for Chesswood and the chance for children to tell their teacher and class mates all about them.  A template for this task is included with the letter you received informing you of your child's class.
  • Each teacher along with the Year 3 Leader will be available for a 30-minute drop in session – the link will be available on your child’s class page.
  • Later on in the day, Mr Jolley will also be presenting a video welcome message to the Year 2s and a welcome presentation for parents. Please note - these presentations will now be next week (w/b 6th July).  This is to enable us time to make sure we can safely follow the government guidance that is due to be updated at the end of this week, so we give all parents and children a clear picture of what school will be like in September.  Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.



Click the image to view the presentation



3DH - Mr Harney

3HG - Miss Howard & Mr Gilbert

3LB - Miss Bagnall

3ML - Mrs Lucas

3PB - Mr Barnard


Virtual school tour

Join Katerina and Lola on a tour around Chesswood:



A closer look at the Year 3 toilets (girls followed by boys):


A closer look at the DT room:

Meet the pastoral team in the Bluebell room - Miss Oswald on the left and Miss Main on the right:

Here is Mr Jolley stood outside his office - you get to visit him when you've earned a Gold Award for amazing work or for exceptional efforts to follow the Bright Sparks code.  He's really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you all properly:

Here are the emergency evacuation points on the Year 3 playground - you will line up at one of these on your first day - your teacher will show you which in their welcome video to you on 1st July:



Hello Year 3! Welcome to Chesswood 🙂 

If you're nervous, don't worry that's normal, once you're here your nerves will go and you will be fine. The school might seem big and scary from the outside, but inside there's lots of kind teachers, kind helpers and children with BIG HEARTS ❤ The school is amazing and you will all love it here (plus there's a huge playground) . But remember, always be a B. R. I. G. H. T  S. P. A. R. K 

Love Poppy Tester 3AG 


Dear Year 2 

I know it's nervous moving because I was too but I had to move on so I tried Chesswood.  It turns out it wasn't so bad after all.  My bestest friends were in my class and I made new friends so it's ok to feel nervous.  Everyone is nervous at some point. You just need to move on stay safe, stay concentrated and stay happy.

From Riley McLean


Here is Tia's message:



Aida has made a poster for you - click on the photo to see the poster more clearly!

Matilda has some reassuring words for you all:



Faith has made this lovely message:

Hello Year 2s !

I'm Kasper.

I was very nervous when I first joined Chesswood.

But there is no need for that. Chesswood is a very fun place to be. You will meet lots of lovely new teachers , that will welcome you. You will make many new friends

When I was in Year 3, my favourite subject was maths and it still is !

There are lots of things to look forward to like DT, Maths, English and even learning a new language!

The school uniform is a jumper, a blue shirt, trousers and a tie.

You can have an elastic tie or if you know how to tie a tie, you can have a normal tie. 

At lunchtime you can go play with your friends after you eat your lunch.

If you're worried then tell someone and they will take care of you.

Hope you enjoy Chesswood!

From Kasper 

Here's what Jakub would like you to know:



Here is Louis' message:




















Hello and welcome to Chesswood. I know how you are feeling right now, you are probably feeling scared, nervous, anxious and kind of excited too. It is completely normal to feel all of those things, (we all did), but do not worry because I can tell you it will be alright. Before you know it you will be writing a letter to the new year threes!! It might take a little while to get used to Chesswood, but you will soon get used to it. Chesswood has lots of really fun things going on like school discos, minecraft club at lunchtime, fun music lessons and lots of different after school clubs you can join. You'll have a great time, love Alice 😊 


Hi year 2s,

I hope you are excited to go to Chesswood! I was too, but also a bit nervous.

Sometimes in maths we get to do math games [ they are so fun]. Miss Gulland is also the best french teacher!!!

All the teachers are so nice and kind and sometimes a bit silly.

If you get a question wrong, they'll go through it with you over and over until you understand, see, told you they are great teachers.❤️

The playground has lots of space to run around and have fun.  Also, there are lots of really good books in the library.  Right now I am reading 'Mr Stink', by David Walliams

I can't wait to see you there!

from Ava Yeates.Xx


Hello and welcome to Chesswood!

I was in your shoes this time last year, but we were all at school and I had my friends with me.

I felt extremely excited to be going to Chesswood. How are you feeling?

There are lots of things to do. I have particularly enjoyed the science and geography lessons because they are interesting and fun. There are lots of clubs to join and I find my football club very fun. We have had some really great days out of school including a trip to Wakehurst Place.

The teachers at Chesswood are kind, generous and funny!

If you are feeling worried you can talk to your friends and the teachers will always help you too. 

At lunchtime we often go outside and play. There are lots of activities to do such as bouncy hoppers, skipping and making up our own games.

The uniform at Chesswood is a blue shirt with a tie (I enjoyed learning to tie the tie properly), grey trousers and black shoes, with a Chesswood jumper when it is cold.

I hope you have a good time at Chesswood like me and I look forward to meeting you.

From Finn


Hello and welcome to Chesswood

When I started school at Chesswood I was nervous and excited.

I have really enjoyed year 3 and have made lots of new friends, also the children in the other years are really friendly.

The year 3 playground is amazing as there are new markings with an obstacle course.

If you get stuck with your work, there are lots of resources like word mats and bead strings to help.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Ava Smith (3LB)






In the mean time, do check out the Frequently Asked Questions documents if you haven't already done so:



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