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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Junior Governing Body

Who we Are

Two representatives are selected for each class from years 4 to 6; year 3 representatives will be selected later in the school year. All children are invited to apply to be a Junior Governor, presentations are held if there are more than two nominees in a class for the children to give an account of why they would be a good choice; one child is voted in by the class and the other is selected by the teacher in discussions with the year group to ensure representation from across the spectrum of the school community.

3CH – Mia

3CH – Boss

3DH – Tristan

3DH – Amy

3HC – Otto

3HC – Amber

3PB – Sullivan

3PB – Laura

4CR - Ethan

4CR - Lilly

4EV - Elizabeth


4EV - Gabriel

4LB - Millie

4LB - Kaiden

4LH - Jason

4LH - Siya

4MP - Sonny

4MP - Joao

5AL- Hridishtitha

5AL- Jenson

5CL - Mohammed

5CL - Jessica

5HM - Emilia

5HM - Leon

5JS - Kaiden

5JS - Ophelia

5ML - Tallulah

5ML - Alfie

6AH - Ben

6AH - Franky

6NB - Maiya

6NB - Lochlan

6NS - Val

6NS - Karen

6PO - Barnaby

6PO - Isla

6RW - Jake

6RW - Katerina

6SJ - Emily

6SJ - Michael



What we do

  • Attend Governor Meetings and take an active part in discussions
  • Talk to our class, take notes and report back what they say
    • Present ideas to the class (charities, fayres, discos)
    • Talk abut school issues and possible solutions
    • Ask about areas of school life
    • Explain our ideas and listen to classmate’s ideas
  • Report back to class what has been decided at meetings
  • Be involved in work and projects as decided by Junior Governors
  • Take part in interviewing possible new members of staff
  • Communicate with lots of different people (Head, Teachers, TAs, Governors, Parents, Pupils)
  • Help create reports and messages

Our meetings and minutes

Click on the image below to see the agenda/minutes for the meetings.





This calendar has been created by the Junior Governors to raise awareness of good causes and school events, providing links to find out more information about the event, explaining how we will be raising awareness of the event, including fundraising. 

Further PTA events will be added during the year. Sometimes it is necessary to alter dates of events.  Should this occur, these changes will be highlighted at the top of the diary.

Click on the image opposite or follow this LINK

We want to hear from you

If you have any thoughts, comments, ideas, questions, concerns about Chesswood Junior School, please tell us... Use the form below to share your thoughts. The Junior Governors will read and respond to all children.