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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Junior School Admissions

How to Apply for A School Place

This area sets out the information and links that families will use to secure a school place at Chesswood Junior School.



West Sussex School Admissions

West Sussex Local Authority manage admissions for Chesswood Junior School. Parents are advised to visit the school to ensure Chesswood Junior School is the right school for their child (we very much hope it will be :-)). The visit may be part of the normal age of transfer arrangements from Y2 or to Y3. However, it may also be that you are in a position where you need to move your child at another time of the year or into older year groups - again arranging a visit before proceding with an application is strongly advised, email our team to arrange an initial visit: or call 01903 204141

Following a visit and making the decision to place your child at Chesswood Junior School, you would use the West Sussex admissions site opposite to apply. 

We understand that a visit is sometimes not possible, particularly if travelling directly from abroad. In such a case you would apply directly as indicated above.

Typically, parents would apply and wait for confirmation from West Sussex. If there are exceptional circumstances and an urgent place is required e.g. movement for parent safety to a local refuge or if there are care arrangements in place for a child complete the West Sussex Admissions process and request a discussion with the school admission officer who will seek to minimise the delay before starting.

Please click on the image opposite to visit the West Sussex Admissions Website.


West Sussex - How To Apply For A School Place

This guide applies only to admissions at the normal 'age of transfer' from Year 2 to Year 3. 

Please click on the image opposite to read the junior school application checklist.

West Sussex Over Subscription Criteria

Chesswood Junior School currently has a PAN number of 180 children in each year group. As our two feeder schools have a maximum of 150 children, we are in a good position to accept children from other schools and beyond our catchment area. The oversubscription criteria applies at the start of Y3. However, if a year group starts Y3 with 165 or less; we will not enrol more children than 165 in any specific year group as this is not economically viable and class sizes must remain below 34 to remain effective.

Please click on the image opposite to read the oversubscription criteria.


Chesswood Junior School Catchment Area