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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


welcome to languages at Chesswood

To explore the Chesswood Languages Curriculum content; see examples of all the great learning that goes on and to access knowledge organisers, please use the menu options. 

We are incredibly proud of French at Chesswood. Led by Emily Varley, we seek to inspire children through the French curriculum, building skills in speaking, listening and writing as well as equipping them with knowledge of contemporary French culture.


European Day of Languages 

Thank you so much to the Chesswood pupils and staff for taking part in the European Day of Languages! We were so impressed by the effort and creativity of everyone involved. It was wonderful to learn so much about the diversity of our pupils and celebrate what a wonderful Chesswood family we are. Miss O'Leary and Miss Wadge enjoyed hosting year group assemblies to inform children about the future opportunities offered by language learning at school and beyond.

Have a look at some of the countries our pupil represented in the photos below. Well done to all of you...

MFL Club

We are really proud of languages at Chesswood Junior School and look to inspire our pupils further by offering an exciting languages club where children travel around the world and research countries, historical sites and language before visiting with their passports via VR headsets!

Christmas celebrations

Miss O'Leary and Miss Wadge were particularly impressed with the effort and dedication Year 5 and 6 put into their French Christmas performances this year. Check out 6NB's amazing performance of 'Le Petit Sapin'