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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

MUST - Reading

Must homework is essential to complete each and every week.

Homework is provided in three tiers - each child will only receive the tier that is appropriate to them. Generic wording is included below for information only, it may change over time. Also, each child's assigned tier may change over time, for example, for example, after they have reached 100% of their target, therefore, it is essential that each child opens their assignment to check if there is a different message each week - it also helps us know who has opened the assignments each week.

Watch the video on the Homework page if you are unable to access Microsoft Teams - LINK.

If you would like to know more about how to support your child with their reading, visit our support page - Reading Support at Home Link.


Reading for pleasure.

Read with an adult or older sibling to become a more fluent reader.

Tier 2

Reading for pleasure.

Please make sure you are reading for 30 minutes per day (5 days out of 7).

Make sure you take your AR quiz after you finish your book.

Have you met your reading target yet?

Aim to reach at least 100% of your reading target before the end of each half-term.

Tier 3

Reading for pleasure.

Read a wider range of genres - start filling in your personal reading challenge - LINK.