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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School



Abbie has mastered all of the Year 3 IXL; she fancied a challenge and felt confident - here she is trying some Year 4 tasks chosen by Mr Gilbert:




Ayla has been busy working on her 5 minute interval questions developing her reasoning. 

Here is Jakub's reasoning for quarter past & quarter to.  Very carefully explained.

Poppy is getting to grips with quarter past and quarter to.  Beautiful work.

Here is Jasmine with her home-made clock showing half past 2 correctly:

Here is Finn showing the time on a clock face - great stuff!

Abbie attempted this extension task on Monday - excellent!

Here is Poppy's time work for Monday:

Here is Poppy's attempt for Thursday.  Well done Poppy.  10HP

Written methods

Here is Jasmine's attempt from Tuesday.  Great to see some reasoning on here.

Here is Bara's attempt for Wednesday.  I love how he has shown his working out.  10HP

Here is Ayla's written methods from Wednesday.  10HP

Here is Jess's written methods from Wednesday - with a smidgen of Further Maths underneath.  10HP


Here is Lois's Fraction work from Thursday.  Super stuff!  10HP


Here is Poppy's Fraction work from Thursday.  Well done!  10HP

Here is Bara's attempts from Wednesday.  Well done for using mathematical language in your answers.  10HP.

Here is the rest of Jess's Fractions work from Wednesday.  10HP:

Here is Natalia trying to get to grips with fractions.  10HP:

Here is Ayla's attempts from Wednesday.  10HP: