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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Further Maths

Blake's incredible maths!

Hector dressed as a number for National Numeracy Day - Well done!

Blake's incredible maths - you have been working super hard!

Aga's fantastic maths set up - watching the video whilst working through the activity booklet.

Nat's fantastic fraction work!

Laura's amazing fractions!

Alina's excellent time reasoning. 20HP!

Alina's extension task. 20HP.

Blake's incredible reasoning - yet again! 20HP!

Wariyaporn's incredible equivalent fraction work! 20HP!


Wariyaporn has also been getting up to some excellent multiplying and dividing! WOW 20HP!


Aga's equivalent fractions, matching fractions game and TT Rockstars! Wow! 30HP!


Danny has been using his trains to do his fraction work today! Well done, Danny! 20HP!

Laurentiu, Hector, Chloe and Nick(3AG) have been busy building fraction walls today! Well done! 20HP each!



Blake's fractions reasoning - good work! 10HP!

 Aga's fantastic further maths - great reasoning! Remember to do this for every question! 20HP

Blake's fantastic further maths - don't forget to reason every question! 20HP

Danny designed his own perimeter activity with his mum - great idea! 20HP!