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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Monday maths!

Some great work here from Olivia and Mehmet!


ARRAYS for days!

Barnaby, Mehmet and Olivia are confident with their multiplications! Great use of arrays to support your understanding!


Ricards and Olivia know how to handle their money! Well done!


Well done Ricards for some fantastic maths work! 


Well done Isla! Some great work here! I think I may have uploaded the wrong way though - sorry! Everyone tilt your head to the right.......there we go! Perfect!

Comparing fractions!

Jesse-Lee is hard at work here! Well done! Keep it up!

Pokemon fractions!

Lovely work Eddie! Great fraction work AND Pokemon! Perfect!

Excellent Number skills!

Well done Zac! Amazing maths work here! Keep up the great work!

Fantastic fractions!

Great work Olivia and Mehmet!


Some outstanding work with time here! Great use of the clocks to help you!

(bottom left: Ricards, bottom right: Sammy)


Some great reasoning from Mehmet - keep up the amazing work! 20HP

Olivia looks hard at work here! Great reasoning - keep up the amazing work! 20HP

Looking hard at work there Odile! What a great use of lego to help with fractions! 20HP


Well done for spotting Mr Gilbert's mistakes Erin! A good use of grid method to find the correct answer! 20HP