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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Week 10

Well done to Vraj for keeping up with his maths. He has sent me photos to show what he has been doing every week while he has been learning from home. He has been using his SATs revision booklets which is a great way to stay well practiced with all of our Year 6 skills. If you have them at home too I recommend you do the same.



Lila has sent in a great some of her maths for us to see. What lovely, clear presentation she has used. Lovely to see the same standards being kept up at home - great work!

Week 8

Charlie and Jeannie has sent in their maths work on angles this week which I am very impressed with :)



Week 6

Vraj has been impressing me by keeping up with his maths work every day - very well done indeed! :)

Week 5

Adam and Kit have blown me away with their ratio skills. These questions were really tricky and they managed to get them all correct!


Vraj has sent me in all of his maths work which is super to see. This is just one piece of lots that he has completed!


Charlie has got the week off to a great start by already completing and sending in his maths work this morning. 

Week 4


Well done to Adam and Flo for getting full marks on their 4 operations this morning! Great to see that lots of you are remembering your strategies well :)


Charlie and Immy have also been showing me some super maths work!


Flo has shown me some great reasoning in her maths work today. She has met all of the reasoning criteria I set in school which are:

  • Be clear,
  • Be concise (short, to the point sentences)
  • Use mathematical vocabulary.

Well done Flo!


Kit has sent in his maths sheet for Monday. He spotted a couple of errors on the answer sheet - did you find them too?


Look at Lila's beautiful presentation for her maths work! I am so pleased to see the same care and attention being kept up at home :)

Charlie has also sent me a picture of his maths to show how hard he has worked on answering all of the questions for Wednesday.


Week 3

Charlie has been the first super star to send in maths work for this week. He also spent time looking at China's and India's population differences. He told me "I noticed India gains people 2.5 times faster then China. I did some puzzles and calculations, and figured out by 2027, India will exceed China in population." What a fab way of transferring maths skills to find out interesting facts and make predicitions about the future!

Well done to Lila for taking such care and attention over the presentation of her work as well as focusing and getting all of her answers correct!

Look at how systematic Charlie has been using trial an error to work out a complicated question in maths this week.

Kit has been working hard on the maths this week. Super presentation and correct calculations - well done!

Charlie has been making sure to get his maths completed every day so far. What a brilliant, conscientious attitude.

Well done to Millie F for successfully setting up her email account and sending me through her maths investigation that she completed a couple of weeks ago. It's never too late to send in your work, I'm always happy to receive things and hear from you all :)


Vraj has sent in some of the maths that he has been doing at home - great to see! He has done a super job getting so many of his answers correct!


More maths super stars this week. Katie has been join by pet Thor again who has been helping her check her answers!

Lauren has sent me her work from a few weeks ago which is great to see. 


Week 2

We were focusing on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and well as algebra.

Charlie and Leo sent in some great examples of their maths work.


Charlie, Kane and Flo managed to crack the algebra code! Did you?



Week 1

We were focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages.

Many of you managed to crack the murder mystery. If you haven't done it yet email me with your answers when you think you know who the culprit is. 


Some briliant practice from Charlie, Lola, Lily C 

Flo showed us that she is a maths superstar by completing 12 fluency questions in just 10 minutes!!

Kit has created a great game to help test you on your FDP knowledge. Have a go: