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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Alfie B has sent his his maths work for this week. Well done Alfie - you are showing a really good understanding of angles. 


Emily has been working hard on ratio and proportion. Thank you for sending in your work. I am so impressed by your presentation and organisation with your home learning. I use ratio and proportion quite often in baking as I often want to make less of the item than the recipe is made for. 


Even more fantastic work from Alfie B! What maths work has everyone else been up to? Would love for some of you to send in a bit of what you have been up to!


Woah! Look at all of Alfie B's maths work! Excellent job - keep it up!

Good to see Clara keeping up with her maths!

Grace has been working hard on her maths - well done, beautifully presented and great to see your reasoning :)


Well done to Alfie B for practicing his 4OPs :)