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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Monday 13 July

Angela has been working hard at her maths - she has also sent in her house points

(as the first person, she is currently winning!)


Monday 6 July

Rares has also sent in his writing and maths.


Friday 3 July

Andrei finished the week with 20/20 for his spellings, completing his reading comprehension and doing his maths.

Rares completed his writing by editing his spellings and doing even more maths.


Thursday 2 July

Maths has the usual suspects happy with their work: Andrei, Angela and Rares.


Tuesday 30 June

Andrei also did some maths.

Rares has completed maths and writing today.



Rares has been working on his maths and history.



Friday 29 June

Rares has been working out his angles.


Friday 19 June

Rares has been busy with his writing and maths as usual, but has also sent in his geography score and DT game he made.


Andrei is proud of his maths.


Thursday 18 June

Rares has completed his maths and writing.


Wednesday 17 June

A round up from yesterday - Andrei has read another scary book and completed his maths.


Yes, I know the maths is sideways - I tried 3 times and it would not go in the right direction!!!

Monday 15 June

Angela has been busy - science, art, spelling and maths.


Rares has sent in his writing and maths again.


Thursday 18 June

Andrei has also done some maths.


Friday 12 June

New work from Hope from across the week.



Andrei has been reading more scary stories and doing his maths.


Thursday 11 June

Rares has also completed his maths and writing as usual.


Andrei has sent in him maths for the day.

Rares is still producing maths and writng each day.


Monday 8 June

Rares has sent in some work too.


Angela has also been working hard.


Hope has sent in some turbo maths.

Thursday 4 June

Here is some maths and writing from Rares.

  Wednesday 3 June

Angela has been busy with her reading book report and maths.


Jasper's maths.


Rares completed his maths.


Angela has done some maths.


Nastia has sent her maths, science and writing.  


Tuesday 2 June

Hope's maths from yesterday and newspaper report from before half term.



Friday 22 May

Rares has worked on his maths again.

Thursday 21 May

Rares has also sent evidence of his spelling and maths work.

Wednesday 20 May

Angela and Cameron have been doing their maths.


Tuesday 19 May

Rares aced his maths again.


Monday 18 May

And Angela managed to do loads of maths as well.


Nastia has been busy with her maths.



Friday 15 May

Andrei has also done his maths.

Rares has also done some maths.


Thursday 14 May

We have maths from Angela​​​​​​,​ Rares and Nastia.




Wednesday 13 May

Here is Hope's celebration of her achieving 1 million words - a strawberry pavlova that required using maths for measuring and fractions for separating the strawberries fairly...and it tasted great! Can you match that?


Fantastic 'Where is the Maths?' pictures from Aaron, Nastia x2, Rares, Buddy and Andrei.



Tuesday 12 May

Buddy has sent the first entry for the maths competition - real life experience of him adding shopping up for an elderly neighbour and then working out the change - well done, Buddy.

Andrei has done his daily maths.

Rares has completed his maths.


Monday 11 May

Rares sent in maths.


Wednesday 6 May

Here is Cameron's maths.

Rares has been busy, here is his maths.


  Tuesday 5 May

Buddy has sent in his maths

​​​​​​ ​​​​​

Thursday 30 April

Rares has completed his maths.

  ​​​​​  ​​  

Wednesday 29 April

Hope has been doing her maths.


Tuesday 28 April

And Hope has finished her maths.


Jasper also sent in work, here is his maths.


Rares has sent his daily learning - maths first.


Monday 27 April

Jasper's maths.


Andrei is working hard at his maths.

Friday 24 April

Rares has sent in his maths.



Andrei has sent in his maths.


Wednesday 22 April

Ela has sent part of her maths for the day.


Hope has also sent in her maths.


Ela and Sara have sent in their maths work.




FRIDAY 27 March

Maths photos from Nastia, Sara and Aaron.


Elisha has completed some maths.

Thursday 26 March

Aaron has been doing his maths too.


Kyah has completed some IXL maths tasks.

Nastia has been working on the Roman Numerals problem.

Andrei has completed his written methods!

Nastia has been busy straight from the start of the day - here are her written methods.