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Welcome to Maths at Chesswood

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We believe that Maths is for everyone.  It is a crucial life skill that everyone deserves to feel comfortable with and confident enough to use in their daily life.  We promote this through our whole school number celebration days in recognition of National Numeracy Day and consistently make cross-curricular links where appropriate and valuable, for instance using weighing and measuring skills within Design and Technology and understanding chronology within History.  We welcome visitors to view our Maths Across the Curriculum Display to see Maths in action, beyond Maths lessons including posters illustrating how members of the Chesswood community use Maths in their jobs – helping to emphasise the life opportunities that Maths presents.  We seek to celebrate progress and high achievement through competitions, certificates, badges and top 10s.

  • We follow the national curriculum for primary mathematics.
  • At the end of key stage 2, children should be at ARE for mathematics at least in line with national figures.  Children should acquire GDS for mathematics at least in line with national figures.  Where children aren’t at ARE, they will have been supported to make at least expected progress from their starting point at Chesswood.
  • Chesswood mathematicians by the end of KS2 will:

Be confident with compact written methods for all 4 operations.

Have secure knowledge and fluent recall of times table knowledge and division facts.

Be confident to talk about their mathematical understanding – those who struggle to talk may use diagrams or jottings to reflect this.  Children will be fluent in using knowledge of related facts.

Be familiar with key mathematical language and visual representations.

Have a range of problem-solving strategies to help solve problems.

Maths should be accessible for all with enrichment and celebration opportunities provided.

  • Maths coverage at Chesswood follows White Rose Schemes of Learning.  When new topics are introduced, children should follow a concrete, pictorial and subtract approach to support mastery.  To ensure topics are regularly visited within lessons, Turbo Maths sessions are used to revisit the breadth of curriculum topics.
  • Frequent assessment opportunities enable staff to identify priorities for coverage and adapt coverage as necessary – these include Nasty Maths assessments within lessons, end of unit assessments based on White Rose materials and termly PUMA assessments.  A detailed question level analysis is carried out on the Autumn PUMA assessment.

 Check out some photos of Maths at Chesswood, including a selection of the fabulous costumes from National Numeracy Day 2022!

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