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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Here is Fern's very well presented written methods from yesterday.

Here is Fern's maths from Friday.

Chloe's beautifully presented written methods.

Here is Chloe's and Fern's maths from yesterday.


Aston has been doing very well with his maths.


Aston and Jacob have both had a good day doing their maths.


Ferns' maths from yesterday.

Aston's maths from yesterday.

Fern has been working hard at her maths.

Here is Chloe's maths from last week

Here is today's maths from Aston and Fern


Here is Fern working hard on her maths.

Aston enjoying his maths learning again.

Fern excelling at her written methods and Joseph is on the money with this maths......


Aston and Fern have been learning all about money!


Jacob's excellent maths from yesterday, he created a game to help him to learn his fractions and decimals.

Aston has been working hard at his maths.

Chloe demonstrating her beautiful presentation as ever.

Joseph has been really busy completing all of his maths.

Some excellent maths produced by Aston and Fern on Friday.


Here is Jacobs maths from yesterday

Aston and Wyatt have been working hard on their maths!


Here is some more excellent maths received from Fern and Zak as well as River practising his tables on TT rockstars.


Three more examples of good quality maths being sent through from Jacob, Joseph and Zak. Thanks for sending chaps! 


Here is some brilliant place value maths from Jacob and Wyatt, keep it up guys!



Chloe's place value work and Fern's first ever 25/25 on TT rockstars practising soundcheck.



Excellent work on time from both Jacob and Melody. 10hp for each.