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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Maths Curriculum Celebration

We love celebrating Maths at Chesswood — both from a high achievement perspective and a love and awareness of the subject in our every day lives.  On this page you will find information about whole school celebrations and photos & videos about what's going well in Maths currently.



To celebrate World Maths Day, each year group took part in their own Battle of the Bands competition via TT Rock Stars. We were absolutely delighted with the participation across the school. Well done to all the children for taking part and congratulations to our winning classes. The three highest scoring children in each class will be awarded with a certificate.

Here are the top 3 classes from each year group. Each child in the first-place class has been awarded 50 House Points, the second-place class 25 House Points and the third-place class 10 House Points. Winners were chosen based on the highest average number of correct answers per child per class.

Well done to everyone who took part in our Battle of the Bands and a special well done to our top 3 pupils in each class!



TT Rock Stars fever hit Chesswood Junior School the week beginning Monday 8th November.  Chesswood were one of 4,110 schools in England to participate in the England Rocks 2021 competition, which ran from Monday to Thursday.  We are delighted to confirm that Chesswood finished 628th of all competing schools based on average student score - inside the top 20%!  Based on total student score, Chesswood finished a hugely impressive 25th of all competing schools - finishing within the top 1%!  Our achievements don't stop there - when we just focus on nearby primary schools, Chesswood finished top out of 554 schools!


Our highest scoring class based on average student score and total score was 6RW.  They finished in the top 0.5% of the 80,000+ competing classes.  Each child in our 3 top scoring classes (6RW, 6NS and 6NB) have been awarded a certificate.  Here are our top scoring classes:



Congratulations to our 23 winners - one per class - for being the highest scorer in their class after the conclusion of the competition.  Each of these children has won a £5 Amazon Voucher.  A special shout out for the top scoring child in each year group - Yahia 3DH, Alvin 4MH, Eilin 5EM and Gustavs 6NB, who received an additional £5 gift voucher.  The top 3 scoring children for each class have received a certificate - you can see these children in the table below.



(Click to enlarge/download)

3DH - Top Score

1 - Yahia - Highest in Year 3

2 - Skye

3 - Isla 

3HG - Top Score

1 - Dylan

2 - Zander 

3 - Frankie 

3KM - Top Score

1 - Ethan 

2 - Jack 

3 - Michael 

3LB - Top Score

1 - Hrishaan 

2 - Joshua 

3 - Erika 

3PB - Top Score

1 - Celeste 

2 - Poppy

3 - Rowan 

3TH - Top Score

1 - Sophie 

2 - Sila 

3 - Harry 

4CR - Top Score

1 - Thedini 

2 - Hridishtitha 

3 - Lydia 

4DG - Top Score

1 - Toby 

2 - Vincent

3 - Leon 

4MC - Top Score

1 - Ming Kai 

2 - Scarlett 

3 - Theo 

4MH - Top Score

1 - Alvin - Highest in Year 4

2 - Toby 

3 - Carter 

4MP - Top Score

1 - George 

2 - Leon 

3 - Toby 

5AL - Top Score

1 - William

2 - Youssef 

3 - Harvey 

5CL - Top Score

1 - Eliza 

2 - Max 

3 - Ricards 

5EM - Top Score

1 - Eilin  - Highest in Year 5

2 - Louis 

3 - Leah 

5HH - Top Score

1 - Jasmine 

2 - Poppy 

3 - Jakub 

5ML - Top Score

1 - Archie 

2 - Henry 

3 - Laura 

6AH - Top Score

1 - Oliver 

2 - Isabel 

3 - Harvey 

6EW - Top Score

1 - Aki 

2 - Zak 

3 - Poppie 

6NB - Top Score

1 - Gustavs  - Highest in Year 6

2 - Gihansa 

3 - Harrison 

6NS - Top Score

1 - Tillie 

2 - Harry 

3 - Alexis 

6OP - Top Score

1 - Zach 

2 - Louis 

3 - Eira 

6RW - Top Score

1 - Ellis 

2 - Edward 

3 - Alfie 

6SJ - Top Score

1 - Jed

2 - Sasha 

3 - Mateo 

Highest Scoring Class

1 - 6RW

2 - 6NS

3 - 6NB


For Maths Week England we want to make maths exciting and high profile in our school. We will be taking part in a friendly competition involving schools from England from Monday 8th November to Thursday 11th November. It’s all done online via

For every correct answer to a multiplication or division question, your child will earn their class a point. The Times Tables Rock Stars platform will calculate the class average (the number of correct answers per pupil in the class who play during the competition hours, subject to a daily 60-minute limit (see below)). Winning classes in the school and in the competition as a whole will be the ones with the highest average. 

All game modes (Gig, Garage, Studio, etc.) will count but only from games played between 7:30AM GMT and 7:30PM GMT on Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th. To support player wellbeing, there is a daily time limit of 60 minutes per player. In other words, each player can earn competition points for up to 60 minutes between 7.30am and 7.30pm. Once the player goes beyond 60 minutes of play on a given day, they will still earn coins but will no longer earn points towards the competition.

In the spirit of the competition, please don’t play on their behalf but by all means encourage and support them to the extent that it doesn’t cause high stress levels or impact on family plans. We suggest a limit of half an hour a day outside school hours – some will play more, some will play less.

We will be recognising the top scoring child in each class with a £5 Amazon Gift Voucher - whilst the highest scoring child in each year group will win an additional £5 voucher.

TT Rock Stars is a fun way for children to learn and become more confident with multiplication and division facts.  If you have any doubt about which of the games on TT would be best for your child to use during the competition, please check the weekly year group Maths Fluency homework first.  If you are still unsure, we would recommend the following, but please do speak with your child's teacher if you want any further clarification:

Year 3 - Garage or Jamming

Year 4 - Garage, Studio or Soundcheck

Years 5 and 6 - Garage, Studio, Festival, Arena or Rockslam.

For more details on each game mode, please click on the image below.



National Numeracy Day — Wednesday 19th May

Thank you so much for your support with this year’s National Numeracy Day.  The day was a huge success and created a huge buzz around Maths within the school.  We saw some fantastic costumes and ingenious ways of finding Maths in clothing.  Children loved learning about money and enjoyed getting their teeth into party planning and getting the most value for money.  We also had some fabulous submissions of extra tasks at home including cupcakes, raps/dances and even some computer binary coding explanations!  Each child has earnt 25HP for their submissions.  Here is a selection of photos taken in school on Wednesday and the submissions we received for extra opportunities.

Child's Name & Class Video/Photos
Jack Short 5AL


Thehansa Jayamanne 5KM


Xavi Tribo 5AL


Josie Hamilton 5HH




Toby Phillpot 3HG


Thedini Pinnaduwa 3LB





Attention all children and parents!  We are very excited to share details of the forthcoming National Numeracy Day which will be celebrated in school on Wednesday 19th May.  On this day we will be celebrating Maths, with a particular focus on how Maths can help us in our daily lives when dealing with money.  During this week, Years 3-5 will focus on money skills in Maths using sessions specially designed for Key Stage 2 children by Barclays Life Skills.  These will focus on planning a birthday party with a budget and making the most of money.  Year 6 will begin their journey of participating in the Virgin Money 'Make £5 Grow' campaign - this is a really exciting opportunity for children to set up a business with a £5 starting loan and look at ways to make profit.  More details on this will follow in the lead up to the Summer Fair.  In addition to these special lessons, there are a number of ways we would like the Chesswood community to get involved with National Numeracy Day 2021.  Here is how you can get involved:

  • On Wednesday 19th May, come to school dressed as a number.  This could be a top that has numbers on it already, for instance a football shirt or may be a specially designed top containing calculations.  We've got some fantastic examples of efforts from last year on the Maths area of the website - see below for details of where to find these.
  • Enter the School Number Heroes competition by creating a picture of yourself doing your dream job or hobby and explaining how you would use numbers whilst doing this job or hobby - this is a fantastic opportunity to win prizes for Chesswood and for yourself!  See the flier for details.
  • Take part in at least one of the 3 'extra opportunities' provided by the organisers of National Numeracy Day - these include a dance challenge, rap challenge and cupcake baking.  Send photos and videos of your efforts to Mr Gilbert - he's quite happy to taste-test any cupcakes too!  We will be putting together a special video celebrating Maths and share these on the school social media channels and website.  House points will be awarded for each entry received 🙂!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Maths Leader, Mr Gilbert via email at

Check out the table below for helpful details on this year's celebrations:

Number Heroes Competition - DETAILS AND ENTRY FORM

Numbers and Rap


Numbers and Dancing


Cupcake Baking Fun



Numbots Mania has taken over Chesswood Junior School!  A number of children at Chesswood have started to use Numbots to help support them with their Maths.  Numbots is an app/website that focusses on place value knowledge, addition and subtraction.  It's made by the same people as TT Rock Stars.  Not all children will need to use this, so please check with your child's teacher if you're not sure whether your child should be using it - each child that should be using it would know about it from school as they would have been shown how to log on and use it to help them by their teacher.  As with TT Rock Stars, children can earn certificates and badges for their progress on Numbots.  Mr Gilbert can't wait to start handing out Numbots badges.  Good luck Bright Sparks!


Certificates are issued to the highest 3 earners on TT Rock Stars in each year group each week!  This means they have answered the most questions correctly in the previous 7 days - practice makes perfect!

Children can earn a badge for reaching Gold, Platinum and Diamond stage of Numbots.

Children can earn a badge for reaching Rock Star (Less than 3 seconds per question – minimum 20 questions correct in a minute, 10 times on Studio), Rock Legend (Less than 2 seconds per question – minimum 30 questions correct in a minute, 10 times on Studio) or Rock Hero status (Less than 1 second per question - minimum 60 questions correct in a minute, 10 times on Studio) on TT Rock Stars.  To help ensure children are still focussing on getting most questions right, they also need to have an accuracy of at least 80% in Year 3 or 90% in Years 4, 5 and 6 to be awarded the badge.  Children will know their speed, but Mr Gilbert will then check on their accuracy.  Some children will earn these badges in Year 3, but the vast majority would not be expected to earn these badges until Year 4.


During November, the Chesswood community took part in a national competition run by TT Rock Stars.  Rock Out 2020 was entered by:

3,887 schools (including a mixture of primary, infant, junior, secondary and colleges)

31,039 classes (some schools entered certain classes – we entered every class)

433,924 pupils

To take part, children simply needed to use TT Rock Stars.  Each correct answer earned themselves a point.  It’s fair to say our Bright Sparks really did go the extra mile.  I’m delighted to announce that we finished 115th in the country – which is in the top 3%!  Our highest scoring class was 5AY – they finished in 857th place, which is in the top 3% of classes.  Over 80% of our classes finished in the top half of classes nationally.

Top scoring classes in each year group:

Year 3 – 3ML

Year 4 – 4EV

Year 5 – 5AY

Year 6 – 6SJ

The Top 10 highest scoring children across the school were:

Alex Ware 5AY

Thedini Pinnaduwa 3ML

Elliot Cates 5EM

Aki Dasalla 5EM

Edward Jose 5HH

Vincent Ellison 3DH

Aleisha Golds 6SJ

Benjamin Clinton 3ML

Mason Foster 5AY

George Tharby 5AY

The top 3 children in the school each received a £10 Amazon gift voucher, whilst the rest of the top 10 each received a £5 Amazon gift voucher.  A huge congratulations to everyone for taking part.  This is an achievement to be proud of.






1st - Vincent Ellison, 2nd - Toby Margrie, 3rd - Leon Angione Valenzuela


1st - Alvin Kautkinas, 2nd - Anoushka Billingham-Smee, 3rd - Toby Phillpot


1st - Thedini Pinnaduwa, 2nd - Arjun Srivastava, 3rd - Jenson Carter


1st - Benjamin Clinton, 2nd - Muhammed Kambi, 3rd - Ming Kai Yu


1st - Rachel Benjamin, 2nd - George Cox, 3rd - Leon Kaja


1st - Jasmine Luciano, 2nd - Poppy Tester, 3rd - Jason Radaza


1st - Louis Carter, 2nd - Maaya Kumorek, 3rd - Alana Byrne


1st - William Hemsworth, 2nd - Benjamin Corb, 3rd - Henry Light


1st - Rehan Parihar, 2nd - Hector Vidal Diaz-Maroto, 3rd - Valiant Hanratty-Willis


1st - Efe Ozer, 2nd - Max Henderson, 3rd - Jacob Italia


1st - Clara Mayfield, 2nd - Isaac Nathaniel, 3rd - Ming Jie Yu


1st - Alex Ware, 2nd - Mason Foster, 3rd - George Tharby


1st - Elliot Cates, 2nd - Aki Dasalla, 3rd - Zak Phillips


1st - Edward Jose, 2nd - Saffah Miah, 3rd - Kyan Brown


1st - Mateo Basabas, 2nd - Erdem Gurgur, 3rd - Sam Reddin


1st - Elizabeth Groves, 2nd - Eira Lyons, 3rd - Thehansa Jayamanne


1st - Samuel Clark, 2nd - Ghenmar Tugba, 3rd - Kacper Lojek


1st - Theodore Saunders, 2nd - Shania Penny, 3rd - Annisa Monnan


1st - Jack Manzhikov, 2nd - Saba Jazayeri, 3rd - Beatrice Ignacio


1st - William Pratley, 2nd - Harry Mack, 3rd - Elsa Cousins


1st - Hope Newman, 2nd - Halle-Jay Webster, 3rd - Anuhas Silva


1st - Aleisha Golds, 2nd - Philip Edwards, 3rd - Summer Currier


Watch our fastest mathematicians show off their times table knowledge on TT Rock Stars.  Videos of the top 3 in each year group to follow soon.  Children are arranged by year group and then in order of speed with the fastest at the top.

Speeds are checked each Wednesday afternoon - last updated Wednesday 25th November.

Year 3

Alvin Kautkinas (3HG)

Muhammed Kambi (3ML)

Ming Kai Yu (3ML)

Year 4

Blake Gray (4JD)

Ricards Grundmanis (4OM)

Val Hanratty-Willis (4JD)

Ryan Howell (4EV)

Alina Souter (4JD)

Luna Evans-Wharton (4JD)

Rehan Parihar (4JD)

Hector Vidal Diaz-Maroto (4JD)

Bara Ibrahim (4CR)

Nat Woodcraft (4JD)

Youssef Meguidich (4EV)

Jacob Italia (4OM)

Nathan Hamilton (4OM)

Juliette Wakefield (4DG)

Archie Ellis (4JD)

Maaya Kumorek (4DG)

Henry Dean (4JD)

Louis Carter (4DG)

Year 5

Sidney Hart (5AY)

Edward Jose (5HH)

Elliot Cates (5EM)

Ellis Cousins (5HH)

Lochlan Graham (5HH)

Theo Crowley (5HH)

Gabriel Rosayaga (5KM)

Dylan Woolley (5KM)

Mason Foster (5AY)

Benjamin Dudding (5KM)

Louis Thomson (5KM)

Gustavs Grundmanis (5AY)

Hayden Goddard (5EM)

Zaine Rahman (5KM)

Alfie Brown (5HH)

Caoimhe Smith (5HH)

Chloe De Guzman (5EM)

Isaac Nathanial (5AL)

Oliver Kerse (5EM)

George Tharby (5AY)

Gihansa Bandaranayake (5AY)

Francis Wimbledon (5AL)

Joe Jackson (5HH)

Leland Shackleton (5JH)

Sasha Lulham (5JH)

Kaspian Kaja (5KM)

Harrison Rae (5AY)

Zach Smethurst (5KM)

Logan Ives (5AL)

George Gwyther (5KM)

Mateo Basabas (5JH)

Sydney Wayper (5AY)

Zak Phillips (5EM)

Josh Brown (5AL)

Dillan Braybook (5AY)

Landon Killeen (5KM)

Khier Jaboli (5AL)

Maegan Panelo (5HH)

Joel Dunham (5KM)

Jacob Harris (5EM)

Freddie Mahoney (5AL)

James Solomon (5AY)

Scarlett Stockdale (5JH)

Year 6

Arthur Hall (6EW)

Arturo Balmer (6SJ)

Jack Manzhikov (6EW)

Summer Crane (6BP)

Luke Vane (6SJ)

Coey Guo (6EW)

Nikolay Gelebeshev (6MH)

Ghenmar Tugba (6BP)

Ellie Bowley (6MH)

Zayan Banjoo (6BP)

Kacper Lojek (6BP)

Philip Edwards (6SJ)

Alex Chamberlain (6EW)

Hope Newman (6RW)



Send your best entries in to Mr Gilbert ( and Mr Yelling (  We'll post them in our new Hall of Fame.  You can send entries in as many times as you like to us!

For more information click the image below.

Here are your attempts:










Chesswood Maths Masters Competition - 6TH February 2020

This week, the highest performing mathematicians in each year group (based on the December PUMA assessments) were put to the test with our inaugural Maths Masters competition.  This featured 25 very challenging questions covering the whole range of topics in the primary maths curriculum.  We were very encouraged by how well children in year 3 and 4 performed, despite being yet to cover a number of the topics in depth.  The highest performing children in years 5 and 6 gave Mr Yelling a run for his money by matching his score!  All of the children approached the tough challenges with a fantastic attitude and deserve immense credit for their participation.

The winners in each year group were:

Year 3

Joint 1st Lochlan Steddon 3LB and Alfie Gander 3LB. 

Joint 3rd Kasper Caveney and Samuel Watkins.  

Year 4

1st Sam Reddin 4JH.

2nd Mateo Basabas 4JH.

3rd Stanley Carter 4JH.    

Year 5

1st Ghenmar Tugba 5KM.

Joint 2nd Leo Millard 5AL and Harry Mack 5CR.  

Year 6

1st Thomas Marks 6TH.

Joint 2nd Charlie Pollard 6OP and Kane Pinder 6OP.  

Many congratulations to all our winners.

Mr Gilbert & Mr Yelling


Chesswood Counts Maths Day - 21ST November 2019

Chesswood Counts was the message on Thursday 21st November, as pupils celebrated maths with a wonderful array of mathematical clothing. The message that maths is all around us in our everyday lives, was given during assembly time - we pointed out how much maths they had used already in the day so far: putting clothes on in the correct order, leaving home on time, crossing roads safely by walking at the correct speed and calculating the speed of cars around them, getting to school on time, to name a few.

We also celebrated the fastest multiplication 'Rock Stars' in the school - the top 8 pupils in each year who won through two gruelling rounds to have the privilege of reaching the Rock Wrangle Grand Final in front of their adoring fans (well, the rest of their phase group at least). Year 3 and 4 competitions were held in front of a crowd that silently cheered enthusiastically (to not put the competitors off) and gave great support to all the finalists, while Year 5 and 6 pupils raised the roof with their exuberant cheering in a deafening show of support for their champions. The winners, showing incredible composure and lightning fast multiplication facts, were deserved champions:

Year 3 Emi with a time of 2 minutes 5 seconds

Year 4 Gabriel with a time of 45 seconds

Year 5 Ghenmar with a time of 49 seconds

Year 6 Jayden with a time of 48 seconds

Hopefully, these maths celebrations will inspire the next generation of mathematicians, inspire the next Rock Hero, or at the very least, inspire everyone to give maths a try and to never give up. We look forward to the next competition/celebration in the Spring Term.

Chris Yelling and Nik Gilbert, 

Maths Leaders