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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Music Daily Learning



Tuesday 7th July

Here is a picture of an Italian musician and composer called Ennio Morricone. He wrote over 400 music scores for films and over 100 other amazing works. He wrote music in a range of styles and was utterly fabulous! Sadly, Ennio died yesterday at the age of 91. His contribution to music is incredible and I'd really like it if you could have a listen to some of his music and maybe tell me what you think.

Have a listen to C'era Una Volta Il West. I'll add a youtube link. It is SO beautiful, it makes me cry. You also must listen to The Mission Main Theme and Gabriel's Oboe. Such wonderful, beautiful, incredible music.

You might also want to know that he wrote the music to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly which I'm sure you've heard before.


Monday 29th JUne

More from BBC 10 Pieces. I love this and was completely inspired. Listen to the 'Concerto for Turntables.' Watch how the 'real' instruments play with the DJ and how the whole piece comes together. I also absolutely love the idea of the 'dancing on the table' and I don't mean with my feet! Have a go at creating your own 'finger/hand/table' choreography. It doesn't have to be to 'Concerto for Turntables' - you could chose a different piece of music.


Monday 22nd June

Find out about the incredible composer and musician Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges and why this man should be an inspiration to us all. Click on the links from the page below. The suggested activity is to write a report but you could create a poster or information page describing his life and works if you prefer.


Thursday 18th June

Explore David Walliam's Marvellous Musical Podcasts from the link below. They are brilliant! Very funny!


Thursday 11th June




Be inspired my lovelies - please have a go and send me some videos




Tuesday 9th June

Visit this website and brush up on your knowledge of orchestral instruments

I've got round to uploading your amazing videos and pictures (with the help of Miss Read!)

Mila's rhythm - fantastic notation!

Mila listened to Dance of the Knights and got carried away with this marvellous painting - I bet her house was rather messy afterwards.

Max's Music Blue Peter Badge - whoop whoop!


Jamie's Musical Instrument - check out the video below of him playing this

Ellie's Musical Theatre Poster














Check out Mollie's listening suggestion - Daft Punk meets the orchestra

Monday 1st JUNE

Watch how illustrator James Mayhew uses Stravinsky's The Firebird music to inspire him to draw. Have a listen and watch his design. Have a go and send me your creations. 

monday 11th may

Here is a suggestion for a project for you to do at home. How about researching a genre of music? Choose from one of the following or pick your own:




Musical Theatre

You could present your project as a poster or a Powerpoint - be creative.

Tell me about the instruments, the style/s, its origins and any famous composers, artists, bands of the genre. Listen to examples of music of the genre and tell me about your favourites. 


wednesday 6th may

Here is a listening activity from West Sussex music.  Why don't you take a listen and tell me your preferences.  Which one really captures your feelings about World War II?

You will need to type each song title in separately to listen to it.

Why not have a go at this song called Wiggle Jiggle.  Click on the picture for the link.  Don't forget to add the actions.  I would love to see your performances.


Miss Cossins


Click the image below to load up the BBC Ten Pieces - Get Creative with Classical Music at Home.  Find this video on the page - 'Get Arty' - watch the video, be inspired by it. 


A suggested activity would be:

Listen to one of the following (or a piece that you enjoy):

Now, get creative.  Try using colours to paint (or use felt tips/colouring pencils) a soundmap like in the Get Arty video above (this is quite abstract) or draw a picture that comes to mind when you hear the music.  This could be from a story you've read or a film you've watched.  Email me and your class teacher - the best examples will be posted on here.


Here is a song you might like to sing at home with your family.  We'd love to see your videos.  The song is in two parts - one part is a solo, the second part will need a group of you to be the children.  See how you get on!

The song is called 'Sing' by The Carpenters.




Here are the lyrics - click on the image for a larger version in a new window.

Here I am singing the solo part - if I'm brave enough to post this, you definitely can!




Now, here I am singing the children's part - I'd love it if you could get as many of your family members (that live in your house!) to sing this part.




Now you're ready to go for it - here is a link to the backing track - GO FOR IT!



Here is a reminder of the insect rhythm cards we use at school. Year 3, we have not used 'grasshopper, ladybird and worm' yet. Each card is a whole beat. The 'bee' is a whole beat so we clap once. The 'spider' is two half beats so we clap twice in one beat. The 'caterpillar' is 4 quarter beats therefore we clap 4 times in one beat. The 'worm' is worth two whole beats which is why it is twice as long as the 'bee' insect card. The squiggle is a rest. You rest for a whole beat.



Have a go at creating your own 4 beat rhythms. Here are some examples.


Once you have created some - have a go at clapping them. You could also stamp the rhythm, say the rhythm, dance the rhythm, play the rhythm on any instrument or on anything in the house like pots and pans but ASK BEFORE YOU DO THIS!

It really helps to count to 4 first so you feel a sense of the pulse. It also helps to put some music on or some backing beats on in the background. I use Garageband loops but as long as the music you choose is in 4/4 time (you can count in 4s while it's playing) and it's not too fast, anything will do.


Create two different rhythms. You clap one of the rhythms and someone else in your house clap the other at the same time.

Here is a video of some children in school clapping some rhythms. We have left a pause so you can join in at home. Have a go.