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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Non-Prescribed Medication

Non-prescribed medication will be administered if they are required to allow a pupil to remain in school. The school will not administer alternative treatments i.e. homeopathic or herbal potions, pills or tinctures or nutrition supplements unless prescribed or recommended by a Doctor and detailed on a HCP as part of a wider treatment protocol. As recommended by the Government in Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions December 2015 the school will also not administer aspirin unless prescribed. The storage and administration for non-prescription medication will be treated as prescription medicines. Parents are required to complete this form if their child requires non-prescribed medication to be taken during the school day. All medication must be in its original container/packaging and must have the patient information leaflet present. Non-prescribed medication will only be administered in school if it is required more than 3 times a day and only for a period of up to 48 hours (with the exception of eczema creams). If symptoms persist after this time parents will need to contact their GP. Parents/guardians are expected to remove any remaining non-prescribed medicine from school after 48 hours.

The form for this is below.

If you are using a small device such as a phone or a tablet please use this LINK to open the form in a new page as it will be easier to complete.