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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

PE Curriculum Celebration

What the pupils love about PE at Chesswood Junior School.

Some of the things we get up to in PE our lessons...


Creating their own dance using repeated sets of movement 

Gymnastics routines fro Y3. 

Learning to use counts in dance 

Developing our rolling, stopping and catching 

Developing control and balance on scooters. 

Using our knowledge of counting and repetition to create dances about animal movements


Pupils develop aim and accuracy using this disability sport. New Age kurling also help develop tactics and strategy skills too. 

Story telling dance - linked to the English narrative topic - pupils create a short story and then put movements to it. 

Developing body control and creativity in gymnastics 

Tri-Golf - using striking skills to attempt various golfing challenges using putting and chipping. 

Year 5

Using a combination of dance styles to create a dance based on the British spy.

Stoolball - building the next generation of players in this ancient game with Sussex roots.

Learning to apply knowledge from different sports to play handball

Developing cricket skills in Y5 

Little Life Savers - pupils are taught basic first aid skills and hazard management. 

Swimming - pupils have swimming lessons during the summer term with a chance to practice technique and life saving skills. 



















Year 6



Working together to solve problems sometimes you need to think outside the box. Helps develop communication, teamwork and trying different approaches to challenges, 

Part of our leadership programme in Y6 - pupils have to design their own sessions and deliver them to each other.  Allows the children to understand different roles in sport.

Being creative, developing our own choreography to create a Hogwarts inspired dance, 

Indoor Athletics - now it's time to become a coach analysing performance and techniques.  

Another interpretation of the Harry Potter dance 

Relay changeovers in athletics 

Learning the basics in table tennis 

Tennis gameplay in Y6