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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

PE Daily Learning



Look out on this page for videos to help support the daily PE activities for all Year groups.  Click here to find the booklet on the PE pages or on the link below. 

Please send photos and videos of you completing the challenges to Mr Quick and Mr Haggart via email 

WEEK 13 - DAILY Learning

Sussex School Games 

If you haven't already done so please sign up to the Virtual Sussex School Games ( subscribe

and take part.

This week (w/c 6th July) is all about golf skills - make sure you enter your scored by Friday morning please. Please add photos and videos on Twitter with the #teamchesswood (or send them to the PE team). 











Week 12 Home Learning 

Crab Walk Challenge

How many crab walks can you do without standing up? Knees as close to right angles as possible.



Path Reader Challenge

For this challenge you will need at least 10 different objects and an area (this could be a living room / garden / driveway). You need a start and finishing point too.

Objective of the game is to touch each object (once) and return to the finishing point as quickly as possible. Each time you try this try to find a better / quicker route.

1km Challenge 

How fast can you complete 1km running? Cycling? Use an app (Strava or Map My Ride) to record your efforts.

WEEK 11 - DAILY Learning

Learn to Juggle 



Cha Cha Slide 

The staff did this a few weeks ago (find the video on Twitter



Overarm throws and catches  

You’ll need a partner (parent/sibling) for this one and a ball.

See how many over arm throws you can complete without dropping it.

Could you try 10m apart? 15m? 20m?

If you keep dropping the ball move a little closer.

Week 10 Home Learning 

Why not havbe a go at some orienteering games? 



Cricket and tennis should be in full swing by now so there is no better time than now to practice striking for distance



Have another go at creating a word or picture with Strava or Map my Run - Alice did a fantastic job with hers. 

Week 9 Home Learning 

Following from our amazing 3rd place in Sussex Primary Schools in the Virtual sussex games we would love to maintain or improve on that position - so please have a go at the Challenges above. 

The other challenges this week are: 

Create your own trick shot like Dude Perfect 



Another fun acivity to try would be this Reaction Challenge.



Week 8 Home Learning (1st June)

This week we would love you to really concentrate on the Sussex School Games for your Home Learning as well as keeping fit with Joe Wicks every morning. All the details for the virtual Sussex Games are above and have been sent home via SchoolsBuddy too. 

If you want a gymnastics challenge have a go at this one