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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Welcome to pshe at Chesswood

To explore the Chesswood PSHE curriculum content, see examples of all the great learning that goes on and to access knowledge organisers, please use the menu options. 

We are proud of the PSHE curriculum that we are delivering to the children at Chesswood Junior School, providing them with the vital skills and knowledge needed to equip them through their primary years. The team is led by Gaby Robinson-Wright and Jessica Hayman. We are supported by an experienced and valuable pastoral team.

The curriculum is delivered through a variety of avenues, including assemblies, in-class teaching, school excursions, visiting speakers and celebrations of events. 

Safety Pages

We have a vast array of resources to support our safety curriculum, which the pastoral team also refer to. To access these, please follow the link by clicking on the image below: 


previously, in pshe... 


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Here's what it means to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador:





Last year, Year 6 were asked to take part in an exciting opportunity led by Sussex University. This workshop was centred around creativity and wellbeing, which involved a 1:1 session with a comic book illustrated and writer. 

The children involved in this workshop were both inspired and impressed by the opportunity to experience a real life comic that was asking for their input.