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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

PSHE Relationships and Health Education

Please click on the picture of the Relationships and Health Education policy you wish to view - both policies have been ratified by Governors.

Feedback from our latest consultation with parents, in July 2021, has been incorporated, where possible, within our updated policy.

In our Relationships and Health Education curriculum, which is part of the science and PSHE curriculums, we teach age-appropriate content to the pupils, with a focus on healthy relationships, particularly friendships. We discuss and promote the values of respect, kindness and empathy, with our first priority always being the children's safety and wellbeing. We want your children to still be children, not to be exposed to anything that will make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. However, we do have a legal and moral obligation to prepare them for bigger questions and issues as they journey towards secondary school and their teenage years. Our focus is always on respect and friendships, above all else.

2-Page RHE Policy
Full RHE Policy



RESOURCES FOR PARENTS: a brief description of each resource

Building Body Confidence

This confidence kit from Dove gives advice and tips on how to approach body image with your child, including how to be confident, positive role models. 

The Menstrual Cycle

This short film from Kids Health explains how menstruation works, using scientific terms and animated diagrams.


Lil-Lets advice on periods 

This website has lots of articles on periods, puberty and all things to do with growing up. There are pages for parents and pages for teens - however, these cover things like first periods, so are relevant for anyone aged 8 and above.

NHS - Starting your periods

Advice and support from the NHS on starting periods. 

Lil-Lets: Organic Sanitary Pads

A guide to the organic, eco-friendly sanitary pads available from Lil-Lets. This also gives clear instructions on how to use and dispose of pads.

Lil-Lets: Organic Tampons

A guide to the organic, eco-friendly tampons available from Lil-Lets. This also gives clear instructions on how to use and dispose of them.

Lil-Lets: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Teen

This informative booklet from Lil-Lets has plenty of information on periods and puberty.

Childline: Puberty For Boys

The Childline website explains what happens and what to expect for boys during puberty.

Childline: Puberty For Girls

The Childline website explains what happens and what to expect for girls during puberty,

NHS advice and support on puberty

The NHS website explains the different stages of puberty for both sexes.

Big Talk Education: How to talk about sex with your children

This website offers tips and guidance to parents on how to talk to your children about body science, sex and relationships. It also outlines why it is important to have these conversations with your children - and how schools should approach the topic.

NSPCC: Healthy Relationships

The NSPCC give guidance and support on how to approach the subject of healthy relationships and sex with children and young people.


LGBT+ History Month

In Chesswood, we celebrate differences and equality in all areas, and in Year 6 current affairs, we acknowledge LGBT+ History Month each year. In our 20-30 minute lesson, we watch clips from Newsround and look at different celebrity figures who have contributed to the LGBT+ community and wider society.




If your child is exploring their sexual orientation or gender identity, please see below for resources offering support and guidance for parents (and children).

These resources are for family support in individual cases; they do not form part of curriculum learning in school.


Allsorts Youth Project

This project, based in Brighton, offers support and guidance to LGBT+ young people and parents.

GIDS - the Gender Identity Development Service

Commissioned by NHS England, GIDS is a highly specialised clinic which GPs refer young people to when they are struggling with their gender identity.


Started by parents, Mermaids is one of the leading charities supporting LGBT+ children and young people with gender-diverse issues.

Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence is a charity supporting gender diversity. They run workshops for parents and offer support and advice.


Stonewall offers support and advice for parents whose children might be LGBT+.

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