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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education Assemblies

Our personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSCHE) assemblies are designed to add breadth to children's knowledge and understanding of how to look after themselves effectively and how they can become a positive and effective member of the school, Worthing and national community. We seek to address core topics such as safety and safeguarding; themes relating to Bright Sparks community code; Rights and responsibilities.

We encourage children to follow-up information from assemblies when they are particularly interested and enthusiastic.

We seek to include the content here from our PSHCE assemblies, it may not always be possible due to other competing demands. 


Can you help?

We are always keen to change and improve assembly content so that it has the best possible impact on children's learning and engagement with different topics. If you feel there is content available that we may have missed please use the form opposite to help us improve and enrich our assembly programme or follow this LINK


What makes a friend? 

What is the difference between a friend and being friendly?

Is it ok to be less than friendly? When?

Think about the fable of the lion and the mouse - what can we learn from that story?

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Zones of Regulation

Every child and adult faces challenges in their daily life. The challenges differ in size and frequency but nevertheless they arrive, sometimes, like buses one after another. This can be hard to manage for an individual, especially a child. Our Regulation Rainbow assemblies seek to build consciousness of how children approach challenges and how they might tackle them positively, sometimes with the help of others, avoiding the hurt and upset that can and does arise from strongly focussed negative thoughts and feelings, when left with no tools or techniques to FLIP THE SCRIPT.

The Dalai Lama and finding peace of mind

The Dalai Lama, facing exile for many years has been required to face many challenges but to do so peacefully and with dignity. We can all learn from his reflections and wisdom, particularly his sustained focus on a peaceful resolution to challenges.


Learning more about Tibet and Tibetans

What do you think you know about Tibet or the Tibetan people. Spend 5 minutes listening to Tibetans speaking about their country, their culture and some of the myths they would like to bust.