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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Physical Education Evidence Strand

The table below shows the development of a strand of learning through the school.


3 Introduction to gymnastics skills and body control  

Children are taught different gymnastic skill elements, they are given the opportunity to develop these before trying to perform a given routine. Elements include aspects of taking weight on hands, vaulting, jumping, rolling and balancing. This unit focusses very much on the individual gymnast and how they can improve.  The main focus is skill development in this year group to create a basis to work from. Basic gymnastic knowledge and vocabulary introduced. 

Examples of developing Skills





Routines on the floor and vault at Y3 level




During Y4 lessons, pupils further develop individual skills. Pupils develop the use of planning in their PE books to map out routines for their groups. Pupils start to work in groups combining individual skills to help create a fluent sequence understanding different roles and abilities within their chosen group.  


Pupils are encouraged to review and improve their performances from session to session. The following is an example of how a group managed this. 

After improvements 

As well as creating their own sequences pupils are given set sequences to learn and perfect. 



Apparatus is utilised much more in Y5 and pupils are encouraged to use previously learnt skills to apply them to the equipment in creative ways. 

As well as using apparatus to support pupils are encouraged to use each other to maintain balances. 





Skills are further developed in Y6 with an emphasis on taking weight on hands (individually) and also refining group work. 

Planning by the groups is vitally important in the sessions to develop and improve sequences.