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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Room to share


We believe that it is important to listen carefully to all members of school community so that our school may thrive. 

Sometimes members of our school community whether they are adults or children develop worries or concerns for themselves and/or others and are not sure what to do next.

We have set up this form to allow individual child and adults (parents and volunteers) an opportunity to express their, thoughts feelings and concerns without having to do so in person. 

Content shared here will be read initially by the head teacher - if the concern relates to the head teacher then please contact the clerk to governors to raise the matter directly with the Chair of governors. We would expect to provide an answer within two working days or sooner if the matter is noted as urgent.

The form cannot be submitted anonymously as we may need to take action on the basis of the information. 

To complete the form please enter directly into the form below or follow this LINK if using a small devices such as a phone.