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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

SHOULD - Writing

SHOULD homework is expected to be completed each week, this will happen after the MUST homeworks are completed.

Homework is provided in three tiers - each child will only receive the tier that is appropriate to them. Generic wording is included below for information only, it may change over time. Also, each child's assigned tier may change over time, for example, if writing improves in class, therefore, it is essential that each child opens their assignment to check if there is a different message each week - it also helps us know who has opened the assignments each week.

Watch the video on the Homework page if you are unable to access Microsoft Teams - LINK.

If you would like to know how to support your child with writing (including spelling) homework, please visit our support page - Writing Support at Home link.


Please complete this IXL English task XXX (Direct IXL link provided each week). IXL LINK

Please remember to sign in before completing the task.

Log in to the child's Teams Assignment to see the new IXL link each week.

Tier 2

Please complete this IXL English task XXX (Direct IXL link provided each week). IXL LINK

Please remember to sign in before completing the task.

If you would like to challenge yourself further please take a look and have a go at one of the writing tasks on our Year 4 homework page (link provided to Tier 3 below).

Log in to the child's Teams Assignment to see the new IXL link each week.

Tier 3 - Developing Writing

Please take a look at and then have a go at one of the writing tasks on our Year 4 homework page (Link to this page provided - see table below). 

You will need to scroll down the page a bit to find them.

You could do your writing in your pink homework books and then bring it in to show your teachers.

Spring 1 Challenges
Challenge 1 - Friday 07.01.22

Write a character profile for one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men.  What will their strength be? Will they be a skilled archer or skilled in another way?  Use a range of co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions, fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases.  Make sure to include what the character looks like as well as their personality.

Challenge 2 - Friday 14.01.22

Write a problem for a legend where two characters plan how to save kidnapped child from a villain. Your speech must include, a reporting clause, speech punctuation and varied synonyms for said. Please mix dialogue with description so that the dialogue advances the action.






Challenge 3 - Friday 21.01.22

Write your own fact-file about a Viking long-boat. You may need to use the internet to research how the long-boat was made and what it looked like. Include: expanded noun phrases and past tense verbs







Challenge 4 - Friday 28.01.22

Write a diary entry for an ice cube that melts in a water jug and is then boiled in a kettle.  Make sure you include the states of matter that the ice cube goes through and the properties of a solid, liquid and gas.















Challenge 5 - Friday 04.02.22

Click on the picture above for a reminder of how to use possessive apostrophes.


Use the photo prompt below to write a story that includes at least 5 possessive apostrophes. You can give names to any of the characters below and decide how they meet each other in your story.

You only need to choose 5 characters and their possession but can include more if you wish to.



Challenge 6 - Friday 11.02.22

Write a summary of what it is like to be a Jewish child.  Within your summary you need to include the following subordinating conjunctions:

while, since, if and as. 

You can also include any others that you feel make sense in your writing.













Challenge 7 - Friday 18.02.22

Write a news report about an incident that you witnessed recently.  It could be an event that happened at home, at the park or a school. 

Make sure you include fronted adverbials of time and cause.



cHALLENGE 1 - fRIDAY 05.11.21

Write some instructions for a simple task you perform each day such as cleaning your teeth or putting on your school jumper.  Then get a family member to carry out your task using only your instructions.

cHALLENGE 2 - fRIDAY 12.11.21

Write a persuasive letter to your favourite celebrity asking them to come into your class and teach for the day.


Write a formal letter to your teacher to ask whether an extra 15 minutes of your favourite subject can be added to the timetable.




Create a character profile for one of the characters in your current reading book.

CHALLENGE 5 - fRIDAY 03.12.21

This challenge is linked to our RE topic of Judaism - What food would you least like to give up and why?



This challenge is linked to our Computing lessons - E Safety - Create a poster to show Year 3 children how to stay safe online.



This challenge is linked to our Art Topic.

Research the work of the famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.  Write a review of who he was, what he did and why you do or do not like the art he created.






Challenge 1 – Friday 17.09.21

Write a conversation between two fairy-tale characters using speech punctuation. This dialogue give us some clues about what the characters are like.

Challenge 2 – Friday 24.09.21

Write a book review for a book that you’ve read. Would you recommend it or not?

Challenge 3 – Friday 01.10.21

Research Rosa Parkes. Write a biography or a fact sheet about her. Why do you think people were inspired by her?

Challenge 4 – Friday 08.10.21

Imagine that you are a piece of food in the mouth of a human. Describe your experience.

Challenge 5 – Friday 15.10.21

Linked to Sutton Hoo discovery. Imagine you found a piece of history. What have you found? How do you feel? What will you do with it?

Challenge 6 – Friday 22.10.21

Write a diary entry for a day in the life of a Saxon child.


Autumn Term 2021

Date set Tier 1 Tier 2
17/09/21 Y4 - TT.1 Y4 - TT.2
24/09/21 Y3 - PP.3 Y4 - PP.2
01/10/21 Y3 - RR.3 Y4 - K.1
08/10/21 Y3 - SS.1 Y4 - PP.13
15/10/21 Y3 - V.2 Y4 - U.2
22/10/21 Y3 - RR.7 Y4 - RR.5
05/11/21 Y3 - PP.17 Y4 - PP.14
12/11/21 Y3 - Z.2 Y4 - Y.1
19/11/21 Y3- AA.3 Y4 - Z.8
26/11/21 Y3 - P.1 Y4 - M.1
03/12/21 Y3 - Z.1 Y4 - Y.2
07/01/22 Y3 - LL.11 Y3-LL.9
14/01/22 Y3 - W.2 Y4 - W.4
21/01/22 Y3 -LL.12 Y4 - LL.10