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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

SHOULD - Writing

SHOULD homework is expected to be completed each week, this will happen after the MUST homeworks are completed.

Homework is provided in three tiers - each child will only receive the tier that is appropriate to them. Generic wording is included below for information only, it may change over time. Also, each child's assigned tier may change over time, for example, if writing improves in class, therefore, it is essential that each child opens their assignment to check if there is a different message each week - it also helps us know who has opened the assignments each week.

Watch the video on the Homework page if you are unable to access Microsoft Teams - LINK.

If you would like to know how to support your child with writing (including spelling) homework, please visit our support page - Writing Support at Home link.


Please complete this IXL English task XXX (Direct IXL link provided each week). IXL LINK

Please remember to sign in before completing the task.

Log in to the child's Teams Assignment to see the new IXL link each week.

Tier 2

Please complete this IXL English task XXX (Direct IXL link provided each week). IXL LINK

Please remember to sign in before completing the task.

If you would like to challenge yourself further please take a look and have a go at one of the writing tasks on our Year 4 homework page (link provided to Tier 3 below).

Log in to the child's Teams Assignment to see the new IXL link each week.

Tier 3 - Developing Writing

Please take a look at and then have a go at one of the writing tasks on our Year 4 homework page (Link to this page provided - see table below). 

You will need to scroll down the page a bit to find them.

You could do your writing in your pink homework books and then bring it in to show your teacher

Summer 2 Challenges

Challenge 1 - Friday 10.06.22

Throughout your time at Chesswood so far you have learnt about many influential people such as Malala in Year 3 English, David Attenborough in Year 4 Guided Reading and Greta Thunburg in PSCHE.  This week we would like you to think about who you would choose to come into our Year Group Assembly to make a difference to the world around us or to our way of thinking so that we can begin to make the world a better place.  This person could be real or a character from a book or TV programme.  When you have thought of someone, create a persuasive piece of writing to try to convince Miss Monger to allow them to lead an assembly. Remember Miss Monger will be looking for imperative (bossy) verbs, a variety of conjunctions and unleveled vocabulary to persuade her to let them speak to all the children in Year 4.  Bring your piece of writing in once it is finished to share with Miss Monger.






Challenge 2 - Friday 17.06.22

This week we would like you to write a book review for your favourite book that you have read in Year 4.  

This guide below will help you to include all the necessary features for a good review.  You can follow the steps in order if you wish or create a review of your own.

Please make sure your review includes the reading level.  If you are unsure, look the book up on AR.  You may also want to include how many points it is worth and the word count.

When you have finished your review, bring it in to share with your class and teacher.  It may help inspire others in your class to read the same book.  The review can then be put up in the library to share with everyone reading at that level.

Challenge 3 - Friday 24.06.22

This week we would like you to write a report on plastic pollution in Britain, the danger it poses to animals on land and in the sea and what we can do about it.

You can present your report in any way you like.  It could be written as a story from the point of view of an animal, as a non-fiction report or presented via a PowerPoint.  The choice is up to you.

Use the websites below to help you with your research.  When you have completed it, make sure you share it with your class, so they too know how plastic affects our environment and what they can do to reduce its effects.


Challenge 4 - Friday 01.07.22

Over the past few weeks we have looked at inspirational speeches by Martin Luther King, Greta Thunburg, The Queen and David Attenborough.  All of these people are passionate about the topics they have chosen to speak out about.  This week we would like you to choose a topic that you are passionate about and write a speech to share with the class.  You do not need to write more than a page but you will need to include fronted adverbials, a range of co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions and emotive language.  Use these resources to help you.



Challenge 5 - Friday - 08.07.22

This week we would like you to write a poem about pollution and climate change to share with your class.  Use all the knowledge you have learnt in your English Writing, Guided Reading and Geography lessons to make it as powerful as you can.  These resources from Challenge 4 last week could be helpful 

You can choose whether you wish to write a free verse or a rhyming poem.  We look forward to listening to your creative ideas.

Challenge 6 - Friday 15.07.22

For your final week in Year 4 we would like you to write a thank you letter to someone who has helped you with your learning this year.  This could be a family member, a TA, your teacher or a friend who has supported you in class.  Put the school address at the top of the letter rather than your own address.  Follow the guide below to help you lay it out correctly.

Make sure you give your finished letter to the person you have written it to.  We are sure they will appreciate it.







Summer 1 challenges
challenge 1 - Friday 29.04.22

Write a diary entry for the trip to Pulborough Brooks you went on this week. Remember to include

  • Expanded Noun Phrases
  • A range of co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions
  • Different sentence starters


Challenge 2 - Friday 06.05.22

Research an endangered animal and write a fact file about them.  For example, what they look like, where they live, what they eat, how they camouflage themselves and the reason why they are endangered.

The WWF website is a really useful place to start.

Remember to add a picture of your animal, this could be a snipped photo or a drawing of your own

Bring your completed fact file into school to share with your class once you have completed it.


Challenge 3 - Friday 13.05.22

Poetry Review

Find three poems about animals, write them out in your homework book then review the features of your favourite one.

Give reasons as to why the way it is presented and the language used makes it your favourite when compared to the other two.

Perhaps you could consider the Expanded Noun Phrases used, use of figurative language such as similes, metaphors, alliteration, repetition or rhyme.  You may even like the way the poem has been presented with each stanza having the same amount of lines or maybe you prefer poems where the line lengths and verses are all different which creates a completely different effect when the reader reads it out loud.

Remember to bring you favourite poem in to share with the class when you have finished reviewing it.

challenge 4 - Friday 20.05.22

In DT we have been following recipes to create different dishes.  Your task this week is to write your own recipe for a simple cake or stir-fry.  What special ingredients could you add to adapt it and what DT skills will you be using to create it.

Remember to write out the list of ingredients followed by step-by-step instructions with all the DT skills the baker will need to apply included.

Perhaps you could take a photo of yourself eating your creation and evaluate how it looked and tasted.


Challenge 5 - Friday 27.05.22

This week we would like you to write a short biography about someone you admire. Remember to use subheadings for each of the sections such as - Family life, Early Career, Achievements.  You may also want to include a photo of the person and some fun facts.  Just like the biographies we looked at in Guided Reading.

When you have finished your biography, bring it in to school to share with your class.

Spring 2 Challenges
Challenge 1 - Friday 04.03.22

Imagine you are out with your parents at the weekend and you bump into your favourite celebrity.  Write a news report about the incident.  Remember to include a Headline, the 5 W's and speech (both direct and reported). Think carefully about how you will draw your reader in and how will you keep their attention to ensure they read to the end.


Challenge 2 - Friday 11.03.22


Your challenge this week is to imagine interviewing your favourite celebrity then writing up your interview so it includes 3 examples of direct speech and 2 examples of reported speech.  Remember to include speech punctuation and correct spellings.


Challenge 3 - Friday 18.03.22

Write a fact file on J M W Turner and his artwork.  Include who he is, when he lived, where he lived, and you favourite example of his work.  Remember to say why you have chosen it.

Challenge 4 - Friday 25.03.22

Write an advert for a product of your choice.  It can be real or made up.  Include a rhetorical question, powerful adjectives and adverbs, alliteration and figurative language.







Challenge 5 - Friday 01.04.22

Pretend you are living in the Roman Era in Britain.  Write a list of crimes and their fitting punishment.  Refer to your recent history learning to ensure it is historically accurate.  

Challenge 6 - Friday 08.04.22

These are the year 4 Spelling words.  Pick 10 that you feel are difficult and practise spelling them by putting them into context in a sentence.




Spring 1 Challenges
Challenge 1 - Friday 07.01.22

Write a character profile for one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men.  What will their strength be? Will they be a skilled archer or skilled in another way?  Use a range of co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions, fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases.  Make sure to include what the character looks like as well as their personality.

Challenge 2 - Friday 14.01.22

Write a problem for a legend where two characters plan how to save kidnapped child from a villain. Your speech must include, a reporting clause, speech punctuation and varied synonyms for said. Please mix dialogue with description so that the dialogue advances the action.






Challenge 3 - Friday 21.01.22

Write your own fact-file about a Viking long-boat. You may need to use the internet to research how the long-boat was made and what it looked like. Include: expanded noun phrases and past tense verbs







Challenge 4 - Friday 28.01.22

Write a diary entry for an ice cube that melts in a water jug and is then boiled in a kettle.  Make sure you include the states of matter that the ice cube goes through and the properties of a solid, liquid and gas.















Challenge 5 - Friday 04.02.22

Click on the picture above for a reminder of how to use possessive apostrophes.


Use the photo prompt below to write a story that includes at least 5 possessive apostrophes. You can give names to any of the characters below and decide how they meet each other in your story.

You only need to choose 5 characters and their possession but can include more if you wish to.



Challenge 6 - Friday 11.02.22

Write a summary of what it is like to be a Jewish child.  Within your summary you need to include the following subordinating conjunctions:

while, since, if and as. 

You can also include any others that you feel make sense in your writing.













Challenge 7 - Friday 18.02.22

Write a news report about an incident that you witnessed recently.  It could be an event that happened at home, at the park or a school. 

Make sure you include fronted adverbials of time and cause.



cHALLENGE 1 - fRIDAY 05.11.21

Write some instructions for a simple task you perform each day such as cleaning your teeth or putting on your school jumper.  Then get a family member to carry out your task using only your instructions.

cHALLENGE 2 - fRIDAY 12.11.21

Write a persuasive letter to your favourite celebrity asking them to come into your class and teach for the day.


Write a formal letter to your teacher to ask whether an extra 15 minutes of your favourite subject can be added to the timetable.




Create a character profile for one of the characters in your current reading book.

CHALLENGE 5 - fRIDAY 03.12.21

This challenge is linked to our RE topic of Judaism - What food would you least like to give up and why?



This challenge is linked to our Computing lessons - E Safety - Create a poster to show Year 3 children how to stay safe online.



This challenge is linked to our Art Topic.

Research the work of the famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.  Write a review of who he was, what he did and why you do or do not like the art he created.






Challenge 1 – Friday 17.09.21

Write a conversation between two fairy-tale characters using speech punctuation. This dialogue give us some clues about what the characters are like.

Challenge 2 – Friday 24.09.21

Write a book review for a book that you’ve read. Would you recommend it or not?

Challenge 3 – Friday 01.10.21

Research Rosa Parkes. Write a biography or a fact sheet about her. Why do you think people were inspired by her?

Challenge 4 – Friday 08.10.21

Imagine that you are a piece of food in the mouth of a human. Describe your experience.

Challenge 5 – Friday 15.10.21

Linked to Sutton Hoo discovery. Imagine you found a piece of history. What have you found? How do you feel? What will you do with it?

Challenge 6 – Friday 22.10.21

Write a diary entry for a day in the life of a Saxon child.


Autumn Term 2021

Date set Tier 1 Tier 2
17/09/21 Y4 - TT.1 Y4 - TT.2
24/09/21 Y3 - PP.3 Y4 - PP.2
01/10/21 Y3 - RR.3 Y4 - K.1
08/10/21 Y3 - SS.1 Y4 - PP.13
15/10/21 Y3 - V.2 Y4 - U.2
22/10/21 Y3 - RR.7 Y4 - RR.5
05/11/21 Y3 - PP.17 Y4 - PP.14
12/11/21 Y3 - Z.2 Y4 - Y.1
19/11/21 Y3- AA.3 Y4 - Z.8
26/11/21 Y3 - P.1 Y4 - M.1
03/12/21 Y3 - Z.1 Y4 - Y.2
Spring 1 Term 2022
07/01/22 Y3 - LL.11 Y3-LL.9
14/01/22 Y3 - W.2 Y4 - W.4
21/01/22 Y3 -LL.12 Y4 - LL.10
28/01/22 Y3 - TT.3 Y4 - UU.1
04/02/22 Y3 - DD.1 Y4 - DD.3
11/02/22 Y3 - T.1 Y4 - R.1
18/02/22 Y3 - Y.1 Y4 - X.6
Spring 2 Term 2022
04/03/22 Y3 - X.1 Y4 - T.1
11/03/22 Y3 - PP.17 Y4 - W.5
18/3/22 Y3 - EE.3 Y3 - EE.3
25/3/22 Y3 - SS.2 Y4 - Z.1
01/4/22 Y3 - KK.4 Y4 - PP.6
8/4/22 Y3 - Z.3 Y4 - Y.3
Summer 1 Term 2022
29/4/22 Y3 - II.1 Y4 - II.1
06/5/22 Y3 - AA.2 Y4 - Z.1
13/5/22 Y3 - S.1 Y4 - Choice - R1-R4
20/5/22 Y3 - T.1 Y4 - Choice - R1-R4
27/5/22 Y3 - MM.7 Y4 - MM.5
Summer 2 Term 2022
10/6/22 Y.3 - MM.8 Y4 - MM.6
17/06/22 Y.3 - RR.7 Y4 - RR.5
24/06/22 Y.3 - QQ.1 Y4 - W.2
01/07/22 Y.4 - TT.1 and TT.2 Y.4 - TT.1 and TT.2
08/07/22 Y.3 - AA.6 Y.4 - A.1
15/07/22 Y.3 - P.2 Y.4 - G.1