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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

School Meals (Free & paid for)

School Meals Introduction

After your child moves from Year 2 to Year 3 they will no longer be entitled for universal free school meals. You can either provide a lunch for them or purchase a hot school meal. The information below will support you to register and place lunch orders with Chartwells.

Lunchtime takes place from 12.15pm to 1.15pm, all children eat together in the school halls. Once the children have eaten their lunch, they move to outside playground for the remainder of the lunch break or join a lunch time club.

West Sussex Free School Meals (FSM)

There is often confusion for families when moving to Junior School with regard to meal arrangements. Free School meals cease for ALL children. If a family believes they are entitled to Free School Meals they must visit the West Sussex Free School Meals site to claim.

It is important to note that there are two benefits for EVERY family that is eligible to complete the application process:

1. Your child may then have a hot school meal every school day free of charge. 
2. The school receives additional funding (£1320 pupil premium funding) for every child that is eligible for free school meals currently or have ever been eligible in the last 6 years and had that confirmed by the Local Authority.

  • Even if a family does not wish to claim the free school meals, it is vital they complete the FSM process to enable the school to access the pupil premium funding that is so essential to keeping sufficient staff to support children's learning at Chesswood Junior School.
If you think you are eligible for FSM don't delay, complete the process today!

If you wish to apply for free school meals for your child then please visit the link below to fill out an application form. Alternatively download, print and complete the form below and hand it into the school office. Please click on the image below or follow this LINK to find out more.


Ordering Food

If you would like to order your child a hot school lunch please click the image below or follow this LINK. You will be able to set up account and order directly with Chartwells. 


Click on the image below to find out what is on the menu or follow this LINK. The menus are set out in a three week rolling rota.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for ordering meals and why is it so long?

The deadline for ordering meals is midnight on Sunday, one full week (7 days) prior to the complete week before the meal is served.  This deadline is dictated to Chartwells by both their suppliers and by the necessary chain of supply that is needed to ensure delivery to all West Sussex Primary Schools.

How do I order my choice of meals?

The choice of meal is made at point of service. Your child can choose either a Standard MealVegetarian Meal or Alternative Choice on the day.

My child is sick - how do I cancel the meal?

In the event of sickness absence from school, meals may be cancelled provided Chartwells receive notification by 10.30am on each day of sickness - please phone or e-mail - please do not text.

Please note that cash refunds will not be made. All refunds are subject to a £1 admin fee.

Do Chartwells supply a packed lunch when my child is on a school trip?

Packed lunches are not supplied for school trips.  If a meal has been ordered for that day, it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to cancel the meal.

My child is on a school trip/event and will be absent from school - how do I cancel the meal?

Parents wishing to change their meal schedule after placing their order (e.g in the event of term time holiday, school trip dates, etc) must make on-line alterations prior to the cut-off point for the week in question, alternatively you can contact the Chartwells office via telephone or email, a credit will only be issued if we receive 5 full working days notice.

Do Chartwells cater for children with special dietary requirements?

Special diets will be catered for, provided requests for these are supported by a medical report such as a letter from your GP or hospital dietician. Requests for special diets should be made direct to Chartwells (see Contact Us Page) with a supporting letter. A special menu will then be agreed upon between the parent and the Area Manager for the child's school. Religious diets will be catered for by the vegetarian meal.