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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Jayden's amazing research on the Brachistochrone!

Leila climbed up into her loft with her dad and used the bright torch on his phone to create this stunning rainbow for science. 

Frankie has presented his light knowledge brilliantly on this power point - it will be a great way to help you to remember what you need to know about light in Year 6!

I love the way Kelsey has presented the facts he knows about light in the form of spotlights! 25hp, Kelsey!!

More great science work from Kelsey below.  Kelsey has asked questions about light and then, researched and found out the answers. (Great spelling practice above, too!) 25hp!!

Great work on your eye diagram for science, Wiktoria. 

Another great eye diagram from Lilia.  Sorry it's sideways, Lilia, but for some reason today, my computer wasn't playing ball and wouldn't let me rotate it.  Just incline your head to the right to look at Lilia's work!

(Oh! It's corrected itself now - obviously needed a bit of time!)

Really careful work from Daisy today on her diagram of an eye for science.  I love the use of colour as well.

Well done, Purdy, for persevering with this task today - I know you said you found it quite tricky.  Amazing what we need to make our eyes work.


Joshua has completed the science investigation on how light travels today.  Super use of the planning sheet, Joshua!