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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Week 10

Have a look at Jeannie's fab science experiments. Why not have a go yourself and see if your results match up?




Week 8

Immy has become very interested in giraffes and has sent in this marvellous fact file about them. Can any of you remember the adaptations they have that make them perfectly suited to their environment from our science lessons earlier this year?


Week 5

This week's science activity is to play with light and shadows to create shadow puppets. What do you notice when your hands move closer or further away from the light source? 


Well done to Charlie for sending in a picture of him having a go!

Week 4


Check out Jeannie's fab science experiment where she has tested light refraction (where light bends when it travels through a substance more dense/thick than air). Works like magic!



Week 3

Kit has done some fantastic scientific researching today and has sent in a poster full of all of the interesting facts he has found. Check out the fact about the speed light would travel from here to the moon...

Week 2

One of the tasks for week 2 was to draw and annotate a diagram of the human eye. I was so impressed with the effort and level of detail you went into with these. Have a look at some of the best examples below:

I think Kit's diagram above is brilliant - clear, information, easy to follow, colourful and eye-catching!

Charlie sent in his diagram of an eye. He was able to explain to me the purpose of the pupil - to expand and narrow to let in a safe amount of light for us to see while keeping our eye safe from damage.

Anna not only drew and annotated a fantastic diagram of the eye but also collected lots of important information to explain the functions of the different parts of the eye- brilliant!

Week 1

You explored light sources and how light travels.


Charlie has managed to clearly demonstrate that light travels in straight lines. He has used mirrors held at different angles to cleverly change the direction the light is travelling in. The smooth, reflective surface helps the light rays to bounce off the surface and change direction.

Lola had a go at the same experiment with her family which she said was a success. What lovely, neat presentation - well done!