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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Science Curriculum Celebration

animals including humans  

year 3 - Skeletons, Muscles & Nutrition


Year 4 - Teeth and Digestion

 Year 4 have been learning about tooth decay and their hygiene

Year 6 - Circulatory System

Living Things and Their Habitats


Plants and Human Growth




forces and magnets (PULLEYS, LEVERS AND GEARS) y3&5

The children in Year 5 have been learning about forces to understand how they effect everyday objects. While using force meters (Newton meters) the children were able to measure the amount of gravity acting upon objects they found in the classroom.

Once the children had explored different forces, they moved onto looking at different pulleys, levers and gears, which reduce the amount of force needed to lift objects.   

The children then applied what they had learnt in the classroom to larger scaled pulleys, levers and gears. Children used their knowledge, competing to become Chesswood's strongest child, including how to lift a teacher using one hand. 


light and dark y3&6

living things and their habitats (CLASSIFICATION) y4&5&6



electricity Y4&6

Year 4 have been learning about the components needed to create a simple circuit. They then used this learning to build their own ones in small groups. By the end of this unit children were able to apply their knowledge of circuits to build working torches using milk bottles. 

In year 6 they have been building on knowledge about simple circuits acquired in Year 4 to test the effects of adding and removing resistors and batteries on the output of energy. They have also learnt how to measure amps and volts. This unit culminated in the children designing and building a light up Christmas card for a company who gave specific requirements.


The children also learnt about sources of sustainable energy which a key focus on the Rampion wind farm off the coast of Worthing. They tested home everyday appliances to measure energy usage and cost in their homes. 


human growth

evolution and inheritance

In Year 6, they have been learning about Charles Darwin's 'Theory of Evolution', genes and inheritance.


The Great Chesswood Science Fair allows children to be the 'experts' in an area of science of their choice. They prevent their experiments / demonstrations to a real audience of peers and parents, eloquently giving explanations confidently and competently.