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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Week 5

Vraj has done his spellings practice using bright and colourful pencils which I think is great. There is no set way to do your spellings - you can make it look however you wish!

Week 4

Immy has been keeping up with her GPS practice and making sure she remembers the key grammatical features we have learnt so far this year!


Kane has sent in his super spelling practice - well done!

Week 3


Well done Kit for testing out some different strategies to test your spellings. I like the bubble writing!

Charlie's done a great job and got 16/16 on his spellings this week!

Week 2

Some of you got some extra helpers to lend a hand with the spellings during week 2!

Above is pet rat Thor who was helping Katie with her GPS :)

Kit got creative and used morse code to practice his spellings. Can you crack his code to see if they are correct?

Week 1

Some super spellings have came in from Jeannie and Charlie. I enjoyed the silly sentences :)