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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Summer Achievement Report

The summer achievement report includes four core areas of information:

  • Personal Contextual e.g. attendance, punctuality, pupil premium status, behaviour and engagement
  • Teacher Assessment i.e. performance noted within the classroom, not test based
  • Summative Test Outcomes i.e. results from specific standardised tests
  • Wider indicators – Accelerated reader, IXL and TT rockstars



Summer Reports Overview

This letter emailed to all families provides a brief overview of the assessment reports and guidance available to support a good understanding of a child's achievement.

Click on the image opposite to open the letter or follow this link:


Summer Achievement Report Detailed Guidance

To support parental understanding of the wide range of the information available within the detailed report, we have shared comprehensive guidance to ensure parents can determine what is going well and which areas should be the focus for improvement.

Click the image opposite to open the letter

or follow this link:


In addition to this guide, parents may wish to refer to the ‘Securing Consistent Teacher Judgements’ document. The document sets out the range of options in each area alongside the guidance for specific judgements e.g. behaviour and engagement; teacher assessment judgements; IXL skills that must be mastered to gain different Jedi status within our reward programme; likewise, the number of words that must be banked within the accelerated reader platform to gain different Jedi status.