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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

The Chesswood Boys' Choir

Christmas: EAST 17 Stay Now - Chesswood style!



At Chesswood, we have our own choir just for boys. This is always a lively, enthusiastic club to join. The boys sing songs they want to sing - with some guidance. We have lots of boys in the main school choir also and for many concerts the two choirs combine. Some boys sing in both choirs. The reason for having a separate choir for boys is to enthuse, inspire and encourage the boys to sing. 

Last year, we were invited to sing a song for baby Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor in honour of his birthday. The project was set up by West Sussex Music. We recorded ourselves and sent this recording off as a present to the new royal.


I have to put this video on here. This is 4 years old and the Chesswood Boys' Choir is ever changing as the boys grow older and move on to their next schools - but, this pretty much encapsulates the energy of the many Boys' Choirs we've had. This was only around a third of the choir at the time. Imagine what they sounded like in the hall during rehearsals! Here the boys are singing at the Summer Fair - love it!