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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

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wednesday 15th july 2020

Monday 29th june 2020

monday 22nd june 2020

monday 15th june 2020

monday 8th june 2020

monday 18th may 2020


monday 11th may 2020



monday 4th may 2020



monday 27th april 2020

HUGE WELL DONE to Archie, Blake and Oscar! You are in the top tens on ALL 4 LEADER BOARDS! That's 400HP each! Wooooooo hooooooo! Amazing work!!

BIG WELL DONE to Skye and Faith for getting on 3 leader boards! 300HP each girls! 

Also - shout out to Bluebell for being number 1 on the AR leader board - a huge number of quizzes passed in the last 7 days - keep it up, Bluebell! :D



monday 20th april 2020

Well done for those of you who even did work over the Easter holidays! Please find our new Duolingo leader board, this will be updated weekly just like the others. 20HP for each poster you are on - I've decided that you can still have 300 HP if you appear on the original 3 leader boards and an additional 100 if you are on all 4! THAT'S 400HP GUYS! :D


monday 30th march 2020

Well done if you are on the Top Tens this week - I can see you are spending a good amount of time on IXL and TT. I'm a bit disappointed that I only had 8 children on my AR top tens this week, we will not overtake the other year 3 classes word counts if only 8/29 of you take a quiz in 7 days! SO from now on, I will be awarding not 100, not 200 but 300HP to anyone who appears on all 3 top ten leader boards in one week.

BIG well done to Danny, Blake, Archie, Skye, Aga, Alexia and Rehan, you were on 2 top ten leader boards this week - engage in all 3 and you could be earning 300HP on Monday! - Good luck all of you. 


monday 23rd march 2020

WELL DONE those of you who got on the Top Tens this week, see them below - I've changed them a bit, hope you like them. Fantastic effort especially if you are on more than one! Still add up all your house points (HPs), these still count - maybe record them as a tally chart on the last page in your home learning book. 

(Remember, 20HP for each poster you are on.)