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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Top 10s

top tens: week beginning 29/06/20

Top tens: week beginning 22/06/20

Top tens: week beginning 15/06/20

Questions answered




Top Tens: week beginning 08/06/20

Someone looks shocked! They can't believe they've been knocked off the Top Tens! Well maybe you should of read more books then, Mr Gilbert.

Be careful, 3DH! Mr Gilbert really wants to get back on to the Top Tens! The only way to stop him is to keep reading lots of books and taking AR quizzes!

IXL Questions Answered                                      



This weeks top tens! Week beginning 01/06/20

It wouldn't be Top Tens if I hadn't forgotten to change one of the dates on the lists! All names are for this week - a HUGE WELL DONE to everyone on the lists!

Only 8 this week, so a huge WELL DONE to those 8! Be careful 3DH - soon there will be more teachers on our Top Tens than children!



This weeks top tens!  Week beginning 18/05/20

Oops- wrong date on the AR list! I've also sneaked onto the AR Top Tens as only 9 people took quizzes this week. You've got the first week back to knock me off! 


Here you go - two weeks worth of top tens!



08/05/20                                                                             14/05/20


08/05/20                                                                          14/05/20


Week Beginning 27/04/2020

Week beginning 20/04/2020

* the date on 'ixl questions answered' is wrong but it is the correct list *

Only 9 people on the ar list this week - come on 3dh! Get reading and get quizzing!


















Here are the TOP TENS for the week beginning 23/03/2020

Well done to everyone who made it on this week!

Well done to Frankie for topping BOTH the IXL top tens and well done to Olivia for being on ALL the top ten lists. You both get an extra 50 HP