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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Uniform, PE and Equipment

Covid - 19 Arrangements

Full uniform is desirable in the first half of the autumn term. If an item cannot be sourced e.g. specific size or needs feet measured uniform rules have been relaxed to provide families more time. It is hoped that all families will have full uniform at the start of term or soon thereafter.

Uniform must be worn in full by Monday 2nd November (hoodies PE only) unless there are genuine exceptional circumstances.

Children must attend school in PE kit on days when they have PE timetabled due to necessary restrictions around separate changing arrangements for boys and girls. Wherever the weather is cold or wet children may attend in appropriate warmer sports wear e.g. PE hoodie, sweat shirt and track suit bottoms. Children attending without PE kit will conitnue to do PE indoors in bare feet, as appropriate. If PE is outdoors they will continue if their footwear e.g. rubber soled flat shoes are judged to be appropriate. All parents are expected to fully support children's full participation in PE unless there are genuine exceptional circumstances that prevent participation e.g. notable injury. Where PE avoidance is a factor we would ask parents work with the specialist PE team to make suitable arrangements for your child to take the fullest part in all PE sessions as possible. Please contact Mr Quick, to address any actual or potential PE avoidance at the earliest stage possible. Early intervention and co-operation is the best way to support participation in this important area of the curriculum and school life.

PE Kit Days

See Timetables All pupils are expected to wear their PE kits on the specified days. 

School Uniform Principles

Our school uniform policy is supported by the following principles:

  • We will seek to secure the minimum cost of uniform for maximum wear
  • we will avoid designating short term uniform requirements for specific learning units as essential, unless they genuinely are (no need to have a school rugby top for one PE unit in a year)
  • we will provide for flexibility e.g. black trainers are a suitable alternative to shoes and trainers being required
  • We will minimise branded school items to those that sufficiently promote identity and belonging; whilst maximising non-branded clothing items to minimise cost.
  • We will enable and encourage families to purchase pre-owned uniform as part of sustainability and financial support – This should look and feel nearly new with no obvious signs of significant wear and no damage.
  • Equity will be a key priority- children may make informed choices on their identity and the uniform they choose to wear e.g. girls may wear items that may have been traditionally associated with gender identity – trousers and vice versa boys and cardigans.
  • We will be sufficiently flexible to support children with specific medical and special educational needs where insistence on specific materials may lead to a severe adverse reaction and or school refusal including emotionally-based school refusal. We recognise that individual adjustments, where there are significant and compelling circumstances, will not undermine our wider policy expectations and will further support our inclusive practice
  • As a school, to support our recycling strategy, we do not encourage permanently branding uniform with children’s names and initials.

School Uniform Guidance

It is a requirement that all children adhere to the uniform standards set out below at all times during the school year.  The wearing of school uniform makes an enormous difference to standards of behaviour and conduct within school. It helps children to get into and stay in the right frame of mind for learning and school life. We ask all parents to fully support this in support  of their child enjoying a happier and more successful school experience.

We ask that you inform the school office if for any reason the appropriate school uniform cannot be worn, if you do not have email by telephone or with a handwritten note delivered to the class teacher. This is a parent responsibility to ensure we are fully informed of any temporary occasion when full school uniform cannot be worn e.g. shoes have broken, washing machine broken, uniform left at another house.  We do recognise that there may be difficulties due to finance, if these occur please make use of our ‘pre loved uniform’ stock for clothes in good condition and available for very low cost the order form may be found below on this page.

Failure to wear uniform or inform us of difficulties will result in the following:

  • On the first occasion the uniform issue will be pointed out to the child – the child will then need to have the correct uniform within five working days. In exceptional circumstances and with good communication from the family to school this may be extended. This flexibility will only be given on a small number of occasions (less than 3 in any given term) depending on the circumstances. Any infringements after such infringements will result in consequences for the child this may include:
    • Loss of playtimes – morning and lunch until correct uniform is worn.
    • Being sent home for either correct or appropriate substitute clothing

Uniform, Clothing and Equipment Guide

The information opposite includes our detailed guide of expectation of uniform items that children would be expected to wear and items that must be avoided. Please click on the image to open the document in a new page.

Should you have any further questions regarding school uniform once you have read through the guide opposite please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Please note, unless there are exceptional circumstances, ALL children MUST wear full school uniform at ALL times. Please let us know if you believe exceptional circumstances genuinely exist, what they are and what reasonable adjustments school leaders and governors should consider making temporarily or permanently for an individual child e.g. specific medically diagnosed reason relating to a specific item of clothing or material - we may request written confirmation from a  authorised medical professional necessary due to previous unfounded requests made to suit preference of family rather than a genuine exceptional circumstance. 

Clothing Labels

  • Please label every single article of clothing your child wears clearly and permanently. This is our only way to help children and families retrieve lost items. 
  • There are several label companies available but if you order through Stikins then Chesswood Junior School will receive commission on your order.  Click here to order Stikins name labels -

  • Without your child’s name in their clothing they are unlikely to get it back when they lose it and they are likely to lose it at some point!

  • Child responsibility – staff will guide, help and support children organise their belongings but are not responsible for them – it is simply not possible to keep a track on all items of clothing.

New Uniform Purchase

  • The uniform can be purchased from Broadwater Sports – this was the most cost effective option, following comprehensive research of suppliers.  We also have a selection of good quality used uniform in school at greatly reduced prices.

    37 Broadwater Street West, Worthing, West Sussex BN14 9BY
    01903 23458937

Pre Loved Uniform Purchase

Wherever a child grows out of school uniform or school clothing and it remains in good condition, please consider donating it to the school for our pre-loved uniform sales. You can arrange to drop it off at reception or give it to your child to drop off at the school reception. This process helps to help reduce costs for other families, and allows us to raise a small amount of money for school projects.
If you would like to order from our pre-loved collection please email the items and sizes you would like to