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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Using Email Safely


It is brilliant to see so many of you using your email accounts to send through the amazing work that you are doing to your teachers. The school emails are also providing a great way of staying in touch with your friends too. 

Remember though, that when you are using emails, you need to be responsible users of technology. The school can see the emails that you send to each other.

In order to stay safe when using them, we recommend that you follow our top tips below if you do contact a friend.

Top tips

Be kind - you must be nice to each other when emailing just like you would be if talking to that person in the classroom.    

Be respectful - if you think something might be offensive to someone, don't say it. Stop and think, would I say this to my teacher or my parent. If you aren't sure then don't say it to a friend.


Be happy - we want happy children learning at home just like we would at school. Keep emails positive and as a way to check how a friend is. If you do this, you are much less likely to upset someone or be upset yourself.

What to do if things aren't going so well

Emails should be sent to either your teacher or a friend. They should not be sent to groups of people especially if the group contains children that you don't really know. If someone does send an email that is offensive or it upsets you, please forward it onto your class teacher immediately.

Please use this wonderful tool responsibly and remember that the school can block or even take away your email access if you abuse it.

digital etiquette - it's just good manners!



This video will explain digital etiquette so we all know how to behave properly online.

Be a good digital citizen!

Use this poster to help you remember how to behave online.

Remember to have fun online and be kind to each other!