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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Wrap Around Care

Breakfast Club



Please click on the guide opposite to open the Breakfast Club guidance.

After School Care Club

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Booking Guide

We need to highlight the following policy regarding booking for the after school care club. Recognising that life sometimes does not go quite to plan we have set up a flexible system with minimal notice required to make booking at the club. However, that notice cannot be reduced further, please read the guide below for minimum booking times.

All bookings must be made online.

We typically expect a booking to be made and paid for no later than the Friday before the week the after school care club place is required. This provides club leaders with sufficient time to calculate the staffing needed for the following week and keep costs low for parents.

In exceptional circumstances, bookings may be made and paid for up to 12 p.m. on the day of the care club space being required. 

We will not accept bookings via the telephone or after 12 p.m. as arrangements for staffing, refreshments must be made in advance of the club opening. On rare occasions, we have had children arrive at the school club that have not been booked in and without notice. As part of our safeguarding responsibility we will look after them however, it is highly likely that if parents do not have an exceptionally good reason or have done this more than once we will not permit further bookings for the child at our after school care club, as the family are not respecting the reasonable arrangements in place.

Infant School Children - Safeguarding

If in exceptional circumstances, a late booking is made, parents MUST contact the infant school to confirm the collection arrangements on that day. There is no requirement to contact Chesswood Junior School as we have a recording of the booking.

Exceptional Circumstances: As indicated, we have set a very flexible system to support families. However, exceptional circumstances means just that, they are not required frequently but in emergency or unexpected situations. On that basis, we would only expect families to book using this late notice very rarely. Please help us keep costs low and plan effectively by booking in the week before the care is required.




Please click on the guide opposite to open the After School Club guidance.