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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Writing Resources

All resources required for the daily learning are linked directly from the daily learning sheet as well as the daily learning table in the main year group daily learning page. This page is just for storage for the PDF files on this website.

  1. Nasty writing flipchartPDF File

  2. Thursday - Riddles flipPDF File

  3. Writing FramePDF File

  4. Fables lesson 1PDF File

  5. Monday FlipPDF File

  6. Nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  7. Nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  8. Fable to read The dog and his reflectionPDF File

  9. Lesson Slides TuesdayPDF File

  10. Story Mountain to sequence fablePDF File

  11. Expanded Noun Phrase word matPDF File

  12. Planning an imaginary setting descriptionPDF File

  13. Story map planning document 1PDF File

  14. Story map planning document 2PDF File

  15. Wednesday Lesson SlidesPDF File

  16. nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  17. Nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  18. Thursday Lesson SlidesPDF File

  19. Nasty Writing flipchartPDF File

  20. Adjectives word matPDF File

  21. Character-Description-Help-Sheet BLANKPDF File

  22. Character-Description-Help-SheetPDF File

  23. Friday Lesson SlidesPDF File

  24. Adjectives word matPDF File

  25. Character-Description-Help-Sheet BLANKPDF File

  26. Character-Description-Help-SheetPDF File

  27. Flip pages as pdfPDF File

  28. Nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  29. Nasty Writing flipchartPDF File

  30. Tuesday flipsPDF File

  31. Adverbs word matPDF File

  32. Lesson flips as pdfPDF File

  33. said synonymsPDF File

  34. Nasty Writing flipchartPDF File

  35. Nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  36. Main event planning sheetPDF File

  37. Thursday flips as pdfPDF File

  38. Verbs word matPDF File

  39. Nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  40. FlipsPDF File

  41. Nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  42. Emotive Language word matPDF File

  43. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  44. Nasty writing FlipchartPDF File

  45. Slow writing taskPDF File

  46. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  47. Nasty writing FlipchartPDF File

  48. Slow writing checklistPDF File

  49. Lesson slidesPDF File

  50. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  51. Nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  52. Nasty Writing FlipchartPDF File

  53. Publishing paperPDF File

  54. Lesson slidesPDF File

  55. Nasty Writing Adverbs of time FlipchartPDF File

  56. Activity Finding the answers to questions in a biographyDOCX File

  57. Monday Lesson SlidesPDF File

  58. Nasty writing past tense FlipchartPDF File

  59. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  60. Features of a Biography Word MatPDF File

  61. You do activity Explore the Features of a biography John BoyegaPDF File

  62. Nasty Writing Writing questions flipchartPDF File

  63. Activity Interview questions to find factual informationPDF File

  64. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  65. Nasty Writing Third person flipchartPDF File

  66. Create a planPDF File

  67. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  68. Nasty Writing Conjunctions FlipchartPDF File

  69. Features of a Biography ChecklistPDF File

  70. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  71. Sentence StartersPDF File

  72. Nasty Writing Lesson SlidesPDF File

  73. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  74. Malala powerpointPDF File

  75. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  76. factfile grid CompletedPDF File

  77. factfile gridPDF File

  78. Lesson slidesPDF File

  79. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  80. Features of a Biography ChecklistPDF File

  81. Lesson slidesPDF File

  82. Sentence StartersPDF File

  83. Lesson slidesPDF File

  84. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  85. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  86. Activity Find the persuasive features within a letterPDF File

  87. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  88. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  89. for and Against planning sheet to complete with reasonsPDF File

  90. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  91. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  92. for and against planning sheet with arguments completedPDF File

  93. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  94. persuasive writing word matsPDF File

  95. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  96. persuasive writing word matsPDF File

  97. slow writing exemplarPDF File

  98. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  99. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  100. For and Against argument templatePDF File

  101. Monday Lesson SlidesPDF File

  102. Lesson SlidesPDF File

  103. persuasive writing word matsPDF File

  104. Planning your argument templatePDF File

  105. Tuesday Lesson SlidesPDF File

  106. Lesson slidesPDF File

  107. Persuasive letter Example 1PDF File

  108. Persuasive letter Example 2PDF File

  109. Wednesday Lesson SlidesPDF File

  110. Lesson slidesPDF File

  111. Persuasive writing checklistPDF File

  112. Thursday Lesson SlidesPDF File

  113. Lesson slidesPDF File

  114. Friday Lesson SlidesPDF File