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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Writing Support at Home

Non-Negotiable Posters

In any writing tasks you undertake at home, remember the non-negotiables posters we have in class. Click on the images to download the posters.







Here are some helpful resources - click on the image to see a larger version in a different window.


IXL - english

 Click on the image to take you to the website.

IXL delivers a deeply engaging learning experience, pupils use this system during the school day and at home to further their learning and understanding. IXL adapts as the students move forward offering new challenges at the right level. The English section focuses on grammar aspects of writing. 

IXL can be used at home on any device. You can also download the app and use it on a tablet. Log in using the username and password supplied by the school (this can be found on your child's report). For the username, remember to use the @chesswood at the end, after the name. 

Please scroll down to download

  • IXL User Guide

If you have any questions please speak to the class teacher in the first instance.

Spelling and Grammar

The National Curriculum sets high expectations for children's grammar, punctuation and spelling. At Chesswood, we seek to bring children up to the expectations required and would encourage parents to support their children, at home, in this area. The booklets below can be used to help you become familiar with the curriculum for your child, the expectations set, and ideas on how to support your child. They contain the full word lists and rules for each year group. Click on the image to download. 


The children must also know how to spell the most frequently used words - click on an image below to see these words. You can test your child on these words and practice any that are not correct.


How to Learn Your Spellings

The following table provides many exciting ways to help children learn their spellings. 

The 'spelling practice' links provide you with resources to use with your children to help them learn their spellings.