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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

childrens own fun activities

friday 27th march

Now it's the weekend have some fun-just like Lilah has been doing this week, check out her Fairy house! 25HP.


thursday 26th march

As you may know people have been putting up the colourful creations to help cheer others up and raise a smile as they spend more time inside.  It's also fun spotting them if you go out for a walk!

Max has started our classes response with a lovely one at his house - great work.

He has also been up at at them for his daily walk down to the beach - as you can see there is no-one in sight, so all obeying the rules!

wednesay 25th march

Maaya has been keen to practice her spellings and show me her computer work- although I think mum surprised her with a picture! 

tuesday 24th march

Check out what Max has been up to - he has been particularly busy! 

Alice hasn't stopped - check out what she has been doing with her sister (always good to include the family).

PE, Fun & Games (good to mix up your learning with some me time!),